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Weekly Wrap Up - Mar 15, 2O15 - Once Upon a Time

Episode 14: Unforgiven - And you thought Snow and Charming were good people.

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

She is just as frustrated about the story as I am.
Is Once Upon a Time getting interesting? Not really. The whole episode was based around the secret that David and Snow are keeping, the history between them and Evil Sister Team 3. Everyone in town is on edge about the two new villain additions, while Regina and Henry are still at it trying to find the author. They realize Pinocchio may know something about the author since he was able to change his story in the book. So off they go to try to strangle it...I mean, nicely ask him if he remembers what he did.

Well, while David is tailing Ursela and Cruella, he finds out they are trying to resurrect Maleficent. Remember the dragon Emma vanquished a few seasons back underneath the clock tower? Yeah, that was her. Now he has to keep the evil girls from doing so and manages to swipe her totem that could be used to resurrect her. He also schemes with Snow to take her ashes and dump them in the harbor so it would be even harder to bring her back to life. Maleficent is getting no love here.

What I noticed most about this episode is how AWFUL the acting has gotten. Now, I never thought the acting overall for the show was always amazing, but it definitely has been much better in the past. What happened to Josh and Ginnifer this episode? Their face and feelings don't match their voices. Its painful to watch them this time around. I know they are both good actors, so I will give them a pass. Maybe the direction was awful this time or maybe they realize how over stretched this storyline has become and have resorted to purposeful bad acting to get the show cancelled. Either way, what happened?

Is that a battery in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?
I mean Jennifer Morrison, Robert Carlyle and Lana Parrilla are still giving good performances, so I have no idea why these two have just marched off into mediocrity for the moment. Maybe the Evil Sister Team 3 are rubbing off on them because they are kind of sub par as well. I think surprisingly Cruella takes the lead as far as really nailing her character even though she is the most awkward character there.

So the big secret is something we already know. Emma could be super evil apocalypse in the future [yay, they have continued the Emma's evil storyline....lets hope they don't screw it up]. At the very least, Once Upon a Time has improved from the movie, Maleficent, and she actually turns into a dragon this tiem, as poorly created as that dragon is [the CGI is just...horrible].

Yeah, yeah whatever. So apparently that is only half the secret. The big, big reveal is Snow and Charming caused the death of Maleficent's child because she was a villain and they were heroes. She pushed her away feeling they would never be able to work together. So Maleficent actually has a decent back story while the other two are kind of hanging out being her support group homies. But it still took the ENTIRE EPISODE to get there. Geez people. To me, that was a lot of pointless build up. Regina asked the question we were all wondering. "What the hell do you mean woman? Just spit it out!"

You sluts, you are totally cheating on Emma for hiking
Honestly, that much build up did not give me that great of satisfaction for the reveal. Oh really? You were responsible for the murder of her child? How? Oh we have to wait another full episode to find out? Gee thanks. The reason it isn't that big of a deal to me because I can't even understand how her child died. Couldn't she bubble protection spell it? And who is the father? Also how did she not manage to escape the curse? She was not originally a member of Storybrooke except as a dragon underneath the clock tower. So what is going on here? How come she didn't escape, but "Fish sticks and Pound Puppy" did and jumped out into the real world? This makes zero sense to me. It feels like Snow is hinting that she indirectly caused the death of Maleficent's child and blames herself more than a "I actually punched her in the stomach and killed it myself by accident" kind of issue.

Something Wicked this Way Comes:

1. Stake Out- 

Is David and Emma really following the Ursela and Cruella in a cop car? How does Cruella and Ursela not notice this? Its so obvious you might as well put a sign on the car says "HEY, WE ARE FOLLOWING YOU. JUST LETTING YOU KNOW."

Look at me! I'm like Angelina Jolie!
2. Maleficent's totem- 

Totally looks like one of those dragon claw pendants you find at the Renaissance Faire. I swear that is where they got the design from. I did like the fact that the totem ended up being a baby rattle. That was pretty creative.

3. What year is your computer from?- 

First off, I have no idea what Emma was typing as the screen was a desktop. Second, what year is that computer from? The mid 9Os? Has Storybrooke not gotten an upgrade since then? Man the monitor looks old and so does that desktop. Phew. Way to be technologically in the future Sheriff's department.

4. The Knave-

Is he still in Storybrooke? I forgot about him. He served literally no purpose in the last story, got dropped for a while, and now he is Belle's new boy toy? Seriously, why?

This season has been the worst so far and that's pretty hard to say as all of the seasons have been funky since season 2. There are droplets of decent story elements, but overall the story telling is very dry, mediocre and may I say, not compacted enough. There are long stretches of "Who cares?" and "What is the point of this?" There is barely any character development, forward story movement, or enough interesting turns. The best characters in this episode was really Emma and Regina which run parallel in a way as far as story telling goes. One is born of light while the other was bred for darkness. They both want the same things, but both have their own issues. Yet they work best when they are together. I like Regina's growth in this episode with the apology and I enjoyed Emma's growth with trusting Hook more. These are long standing issues that are given a chance to create more balanced characters.

Maleficent's back story has become very interesting, but it also has become interesting far too late in the episode, which has made it less impactful emotionally overall. You want me to dislike her as a villain and now you want me to feel sorry for her? Augh. I don't mind her having a good back story, but don't build her up as such a villain if that ends up being the issue.

DnD Episode Rating: 6/1O 

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Weekly Wrap up - Mar 7, 2O15 - Once Upon a Time, Gotham, The Walking Dead

Episode 13: Darkness on the Edge of Town - And apparently inside of town too.

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

Its De Vil....not Dev il. Disney should be ashamed.
The girls are back in town, or at least two out of the three are. Looks like Rumple is up to his old tricks again, deviously planning to come back to Storybrooke to get his happy ending. *sigh* Why am I still watching this nonsense? So now this whole rest of the season is all about finding the Author so all villains can get their happy endings. Oh joy. Wait until they find him and he tells them he doesn't write the book, they do and they were just jerks in the first place and no magic could fix that.

What we have though are the Evil Diva 3, Ursela, Cruella de Vil, and Maleficent. I am still confused how these three exist in this world, especially Cruella who sticks out like a sore thumb. She feels like a Disney inject [they all do really]. Either way, the gang figures out how to release the fairies from being trapped in the hat portal, but in doing so also released a demon that looks oh so familiar. Why yes, that is the demon from Fantasia! Good job, kids.

Of course everyone has to stop the monster from breaking the town, but they get a random call from the evil Ursela telling them they know how to defeat the monster inside of Storybrooke in exchange for the Evil Queen to let them in. They said they would "think about it" if their information was correct. Insert evil laughter here.

This is the secret society of keep your mouth shut.
In an amusing tag up with the gang, Emma barely has to say a thing before everyone states their roles without her even asking them. Yup, this group has got this down to a science. Well they give the demon a good blast of magic and realize its much too strong and need to bring it to the town line to destroy it due to it existing out of pure magic. If it crosses the line, it will essentially die since magic doesn't exist outside of the border.

What we do know is how bad ass Regina and Emma have become together as a magic team. What we didn't know until later is that the demon wasn't after Regina, but Emma. DUN DUN DUN! And you know that mousy little objection from Snow White and Prince Charming? That wasn't obscure at all, apparently these people have a past, one that Emma must never know. Oh snap. But that so wasn't worth wasting 4O min of this episode for. Now we got to wait til next week only to be teased and dragged along with the looming dark secrets until the last five minutes of the next episode. I seriously hate this. Wake me up when they finally get to a resolution for this show.

That clock tower has such bad luck.
Something Wicked this Way Comes:

1. The Demon- 

Did they SERIOUSLY not notice that black smoke pool out of the hat and fly into the sky? I call shenanigans on that! That thing was massive. How could you not notice that?

2. So where is Belle living again?- 

With Gold's shop closed, I never really thought I would wonder if Belle had an actual living space in Storybrooke. You always found her either at the library or Gold's shop. Also does she wear her wedding ring still? I would think that would be really awkward.

3. Heart of Darkness- 

Emma has the evil inside of her? I know she had a break down this past season, but what do they mean?

4. My Scroll-

Oh girl, I am so drunk on dead puppy fur.
Emma and the Evil Queen gave Ursela and Cruella the scroll to cross the town line. Why did they not take it back immediately? As soon as they crossed, they should have grabbed it. This totally would have prevented the Dark One's entrance.

I can't say I am thrilled with the return of Once Upon a Time. Its already off to a weak start and I'm seriously starting to think that Mr. Gold's plan is a super elaborate troll that he is placing upon his fellow Enchanted Forest dwellers. What is his ultimate end game?

It seems like this shit has been unfolding for way too long already. His original goal was to get his son back, but he died. Did he anticipate him dying? Was he told he would die? Did he foresee it? Also what happened to his grandchild being the end of him? Does that still apply? Also where did Robin Hood go with his wife? So many questions and so few answers. I'm also starting to wonder if the Mad Hatter is ever coming back too.

DnD Episode Rating: 6/1O


Episode 18: Everyone has a Cobblepot - Secrets galore!

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

I'm working on my rise to evil sneer.
I feel this episode is a great demonstration of a turning point with Jim Gordon and his rise to Commissioner. I am usually not a fan of Jim, but I liked how he worked this episode. Jim has always been the straight lace guy fighting a crooked world. However he has learned over time that in order to take down the chain, he has to be a little rotten himself to do so.

And that is where he gets Commissioner Loeb. So a guy named Flass, that Jim locked away a few episodes ago got off scott free due to his association with the Commissioner and the blackmail of Jim's partner, Bullock. On top of this, douchebag is also running to become the President of some police organization that could really be a detriment to Jim's cause.

Jim uses every resource he can to take the Commissioner out, including enlisting Harvey Dent and the Penguin to get him where he needs to go. They end up finding the Commissioner's secret, which is his daughter, who murdered his wife by accident due to her mental health issues. One quick conversation and the Commissioner gives Jim his partner's files and backs him for President of the society instead of Flass. Smart move, Jim. Pretty evil, pretty evil indeed.

I am the sickest creep you will ever meet. Look at my poise!
On the flip side, we only get a glimpse of little Bruce this episode who is still struggling with the stabbing of his butler, Alfred. He knows it is because of his ambition to take down the board of Wayne Enterprise and when Selina comes to visit him for support, he tells her he is going to find out who ordered his friend to spy on them. Selina is worried about Bruce in her own way and offers to go with him, but he refuses. She lets him be, but we all know she won't let it go.

Meanwhile on the bad guy's end, Penguin now has a favor that Jim owes him for his services, Fish Mooney has won the fight against her captor and is now working for him secretly. The Doctor, or should we say Doll Maker, is quite devious, always teasing Mooney that he could kill her at any point. She, however, knows better that he could find good use from her. She also finds out where she is located. On a secluded island out in the middle of the waters making it difficult for her to escape without a boat.

Now she is a chimera!
Darkness Only Gotham Knows:

1. Blue Eye-

So in the last episode, Fish scooped out her own eye. I am not a surgeon, but I believe once you do that, you pretty much lost all functionality with that part of your body. No new surgery will help bring your sight back. So did he just install a new eye that is fully functioning? What was the point of such a sacrifice if he can just put a new one in? And why give her a blue eye? I feel there is some symbolism here.

2. The Odd Couple-

Why were the old couple living in the home working for the Penguin? I never understood that. What is your end game Penguin? Or did he make a phone call and convince them to work for you so you can trick them into doing a dirty thing against Falcone to cover your tracks?

3. Girlfriend?-

Jim still has a girlfriend right? I know he was super busy this time. I just hope he hasn't forgotten about her.

Who is the big bad wolf? Its Grandma!
With Fish wavering on her promise to keep the underground crew fed and happy, I can't wait to see how it ends for her. From what I understand she only signed on for one season. Which means she will die this season at some point. The Penguin however seems to be like a cat, he has 9 lives and they are starting to run out little by little.

He betrayed Fish, Maroni and he is on his way to eventually betraying Don Falcone. We all know the Penguin wants the top position on the food chain and will get people killed to do it. However that rise will take a while if we hope the show to last. I liked this episode, it was interesting to see the dark road that Gordon is going on to clean up the force. Lets see if he gets caught up in the mayhem.

DnD Episode Rating: 8/1O


Episode 12: Remember - A time when we weren't survivors

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

They brought dinner!
This past Sunday's episode was definitely a different kind of awesome. Rick and the group find themselves inside the community, Alexandria and are having a hard time adjusting to the kindness. It is interesting how closely knit the group is even in a situation that seems like the real deal. When Rick tells everyone to sleep in one home, they all come together in a sense of loyalty, togetherness and survival. The same way they had always done on the road. However Rick knows to take advantage of the place while he can and manages to do some manscaping by shaving off his beard and getting a hair cut. It seems nice to see clean shaven Rick again, but it seems like a memory of who he once was. Now this Rick seems like a facade for the people and not the true Rick that was born from such tragedy.

It is interesting how the drama is heightened not due to real events, but the imaginary ghosts of the past and the paranoia that seems to chase Rick around every corner. Everything from Carl missing for a second, to the gang splitting up into different houses, and even giving up their weapons. Everyone is given a job in the community and homes so they would feel part of the group except Daryl. Who seems to be taking the luxury of kindness the hardest, refusing to give up his crossbow, taking a shower or settling into the community at all. He doesn't even eat the food. He just eats the possum he killed outside. Augh.

Everyone is trying to find something wrong with the place, but they can't. The worst that happens is when Glenn and a couple others go outside the wire to do a supply run with the mayor's son. We find out he is young and kind of a douche bag, risking the group's safety over trying to tie up a walker as punishment for eating one of their friends [like it cares, dumb dumb]. A fight ensues and when he tries to swing, Glenn ducks and knocks him flat on his ass. YES! Get em Glenn! 
Dumbest idea ever.
It was at this time Daryl and the rest of the gang jumped in to defend their friends and break up the fight. The mayor is upset, but not at Rick's crew, but at her son's behavior. She defends Rick and his group and the fight is over. The mayor makes both Rick and Michonne Constables to protect the peace hoping they would accept the job. They do.

The group concludes after walking around and observing the community that the people who live here are soft and they are afraid they will become soft too. Then a very strange thing happens, Rick announces that they are not weak, its not in them anymore, but if the people there can't make it, they will just take this place. It is the most bizarre turn of events that has happened since this started. He sounds almost like the Governor. Creepy.

The Horde Speaks:

1. They got food, but Daryl eats a possum-

Daryl, we all know you are the cool hill billy of the group, but seriously? They got real food and you are gutting a possum on the porch. At least cook it on the stove you asshat.

We know a cold blooded killer is behind that smile.
2. OMG you are such a liar, Carol-

Carol talks about how happy she was with her husband before the apocalypse and how she missed him and all of that. Your husband was an abusive prick and you lost your daughter to stupidity. We know your end game, you are so full of shit. Smart, but full of shit.

3. Cigarette dude-

That guy on the porch lighting a cigarette, what was that all about? He seems like the type of guy that needs a punch in the face. "My wife gave you a hair cut." Yeah so what, buddy. What does it matter to you?

We know what you are up to, clean shaven Rick.
This season is really getting interesting. With Rick's group turning into the hunters instead of the hunted, it will be fascinating to see if they can adapt to the community or become the people they have been fighting against outside. Rick had always championed trusting people and taking them in compared to a "us vs them" scenario.

However being outside for so long and beaten by so many others has really gotten him thinking differently. And he isn't the only one that feels this way. Everyone in the group feels the community is weak and will crumble so they will become weak too. Nobody wants to be a victim to the outside world again. Can't wait for the next episode!

DnD Episode Rating: 9/1O

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Weekly Wrap Up: Mar 1 2O15: Sleepy Hollow, Gotham, The Walking Dead

Episode 18: Tempus Fugit - A second chance to be friends

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

Pimp walk, witness style
This is so crazy. Ten minutes in and Abby already screwed up the entire future. Great start Abby. Ichabod's death is diverted and now Abby has to figure out how to get the time line back on track again. Abby also knows his wife, Katrina, is looking for him so she can murder him and save Jeremy from a horrible fate. At least we think that is still the game plan. I thought you were going to take care of your son, Katrina? And if so, what is the point of killing Ichabod before he is born? Couldn't you all just start over? Ichabod didn't kill Jeremy, Abby did.

Well any way, Katrina ends up hitching up with the past horseman and gets him to do her bidding to find and kill Ichabod. *sigh* I hate her character so much. So Abby is all about getting Crane to Benjamin Franklin because she knows he is the only one that could possibly believe her plight and he does! My man, Ben, is totally awesome. After a discussion of how awesome his ideas have worked in the future, they decide to go to Fredrick's manor to visit Grace Dixon, Abby's ancestor, to find out how to reverse the traveler's spell. Unfortunately the Horseman found them and killed Benjamin before they could leave! Oh shit! Noooo, you can't kill Ben!! TAKE IT BACK, DAMN IT! I said TAKE IT BACK! He's one of my favorites. :(

Here I come to save the daaaaaayyy!
So due to the hessian/horseman attack and Ben setting his own house on fire from a small bomb in his hand, Abby and Ichabod take the fall and Abby gets locked in jail again. I think for Ichabod its tough to believe a person that is from the future, but she tells of so many undeniable truths that its hard to explain how she knew everything. I believe the visit with his wife convinced Ichabod that Abby was not lying about his wife being out to hurt him and that she was keeping secrets from him as well. The moving picture on Abby's phone only further solidified the truth.

It was totally awesome that Abby got to meet her ancestor! I was waiting for that to happen. This had to be one of the best moments of the show along with Ichabod getting a hug from Abby. He looked so confused. He was like "Is this level of intimacy commonplace in your 2O15 America?" And she is like "yeah, we like to hug it out." hahahaha. I really love these two. No matter how awkward things become, they are both hilariously awesome together.

Is it bad that I'm really this happy at her misfortune?
So long story short, Abby manages to get both Katrina and herself back to their original timeline before the spell cast and Ichabod is forced to kill Katrina to save Abby and himself. He is heartbroken and doesn't seem to be given enough time to weep in the show. But I'm NOT! DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD, THE WITCH IS DEAD, THE WITCH IS DEAD! I mean, ehem, let's pour some out for my homie, Katrina. I've been waiting for this moment for so long. She was such a distraction and stopped enhancing the storyline a long time ago.

But I'm totally sure this isn't the last of her character. The fact that Jeremy was involved in bringing her to the other side means that he has a few tricks up his sleeve. *sigh* Can't characters stay dead on this show? I wonder how Abraham is going to react to this?

What is Wrong in Sleepy Hollow:

1. Personal Stuff- 

Did Abby ever get all of her personal stuff back from the other time? Like her cell phone and her ID? I mean I know everything is now reversed, but I am assuming she didn't get those items back, which still made her a fugitive slave technically.

2. What did General Washington want?-

Before Katrina put a knife in Ichabod's back, General Washington summoned Ichabod with a flood of soldiers to his door. What did he want? And why did he bring so many men for protection? He couldn't have realized that Ichabod was in danger, so what was it that he needed?

3. Grace Dixon- 
Abby comes from good stock...yup
I was a bit confused on how Grace managed to recognize her descendent. Her ghost in the future didn't know Abby until she triggered her. So how is she able to remember her in the past? And if she did remember her, how come she didn't recognize her off the bat? Its not like Abby doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in this century. To me that was a bit of a story fumble there. Also, why is she the ONLY person to exist in Frederik's manor? Weren't there more people?

4.  Witchiness-

Keeping with the theme of Grace. If Grace knew how to reverse the spell, does that mean she is a witch? And if she was a witch, why didn't Abby hear the call of the bell in the last episode to her dormant inner witch?

5. Your birthday is my password-

Oh...what is up with that? Who puts some one's birthday for their phone password unless they liked them quite a bit? That seemed to stand out in this episode. Maybe they are closer than they cared to admit. I don't necessarily want them to be together in that manner, but that did make things interesting.

Yeah you are chauvinistic, but man you are still awesome.
This was definitely one of the best episodes I have seen in a while. After several weeks of plodding, this was all worth while to see Abby struggle in a different time the same way Ichabod struggled in Abby's current time. It gives her a level of appreciation for everything Ichabod came from and worked for in the future.

I was definitely sad Benjamin Franklin died [hes my favorite US historical person besides Jefferson], but we all know that is going to be reversed! So our man Franklin will still be alive and kickin to make history. I really loved how everything was wrapped up in one episode for the finale. But I wish Ichabod had time to mourn his loss and lick his wounds. He lost quite a bit in the same day, his son and his wife. The fact that they didn't give him any time to me makes that part of the story just a bit unbelievable.

DnD Episode Rating: 8/1O


Episode 17: Red Hood - Feeling a little stabby? I can relate.

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

Peekaboo, I'm out to rob you
Red Hood starts off with a bang, or a robbery to be exact. A group of bank robbers and a charismatic red hooded fellow play robin hood while taking from the rich and giving a little back to the poor. This causes quite a ruckus with Jim and the GCPD. Although the robbers got away, the legend of the red hood begins and as the first person stated, it made him lucky. He was shot at 6 times and didn't get hurt, so now everyone believes there is something special about it and it could make them stand out as leader. This thought process makes the group slowly turn on each other during the course of the show.

In the mean time, an old friend of Alfred shows up at his door, desperate for help and shows young Bruce some alternative fighting methods that disturb him. Alfred is pretty protective of little Bruce and is a little teed with his friend's behavior at times. There seems to be a distinct difference between the two men. Alfred has cleaned up, grown up and has moved on from his past, while his friend still lives in it and it only has served as an excuse for his actions to continue doing the wrong things. In a moment of sincerity, Alfred admits to his friend, Reggie, he struggles with being a parent for the first time in his life trying to raise his young master the best way he can. How his parents would expect him to be raised. It is nice to see Alfred in this way for once. He has always been the strong figure in the scenario, but I can't imagine what its like to raise a boy who has lost his real parents. Alfred seems to be generally helpful, but not as intimately involved with little Bruce. Perhaps he is afraid to overstep a boundary between master and butler. But in this scenario, he has no choice, but to be some kind of father figure to him. We can see Alfred cares, but he struggles with that line at times and what is appropriate with their relationship.
Bold strategy, cotton. Taking out the eye is definitely in play
On the baddie side, Oswald is still struggling with his night club while Fish does the craziest thing when she gets threatened by the boss that runs the underground human body part joint, she takes one of her eyes out and crushes it due to its value to the boss. Wow, what a shocker. I am not sure the eye popping was warranted, but it definitely shows her character likes to stamp her feet if she doesn't get what she wants. Fish has never lost many negotiations before and I knew she was going to lose this one because what is stopping them from just killing her and mowing down the rest until people scatter and go back to being victims? I suspect a future eye patch is in order for Miss Mooney.

Both Oswald and Fish's stories are a bit on the boring side at the moment. Oswald seems dumbfounded by his new position as boss and Fish seems to flounder in her position as low person on the totem pole. I think Fish's position will humble her a bit while Oswald's position will get him killed. But I have no clue how this is going to play out. The Penguin eventually becomes the kingpin of all the mob in Gotham. He is cunning and can squirm his way out of anything, but he is not very smart. He could learn a lot from Don Falcon and Butch if he chooses to listen. His arrogance will get him in hot water.

Looks like a dirty one ended fight to me
What was great about this episode were all the shockers this time around. Especially getting to know Alfred's past through his old war friend, Reggie, who ends up stealing from them and stabs him before running away. I knew that guy was trouble. He looked like the kind of guy that would gamble everything away and then blame everyone else while he drank himself to death.

We find out later that he was working for the Wayne Enterprise board of directors and that his chance meeting was not mere coincidence. Man, what a jerk. Reggie seems to feel guilty about what he has done, but it will be interesting if he decides to tell young Bruce about the board's motives. Looks like young Bruce needs to start suiting up against Gotham's spoiled elite. But first, he has a wounded Alfred to tend to.

Darkness Only Gotham Knows:

1. New Clothing-

Does Barbara realize that giving the girl's new clothes is only going to put a target on their back for theft? Also, Selina's clothes are not ratty. In fact, they look pretty damn new to me. I really don't like  this Barbara chick's motives at all, but I can see where this is going. Catwoman uses her sexuality in the future to help her. Barbara could be that catalyst in achieving that.

2. Wayne manor?-

Is Wayne manor so well known that people know exactly where to go? Bruce just picks up the phone, barely dials and is like "yeah this is Bruce Wayne, I need some one to come to Wayne manor, thanks bye." A little more info kid. I know you are freaking out, but you need to be calm under pressure. Like Batman. Think of what Batman would do.

I request you beat yourself with that cane or I will
3. Why would it matter about Alfred's past?-

From those fighting moves in the past episodes, does it really matter where he got them from? A man who has actually killed people in the past to save others is probably the best man to protect your child from getting murdered by his own board of directors. You kind of want that dude around. To Bruce, he is just Alfred the butler. To everyone else, he is Alfred the guy you don't want to screw with. Sounds good to me.

With the Flash not returning for a while it is great that Gotham can keep up the pace and give us something good to chew on. I like where this is going, but I still wish they would unclutter the storyline from all of the unnecessary characters. Like Barbara, the meandering ex-girlfriend that has no place in the storyline anymore. YOU LEFT HIM BARBARA. GO BACK TO THE HOLE YOU CRAWLED OUT OF. And what happened to the two private detectives? They seemed to drop off the radar entirely. Also we need an end to Fish. A dignified end because I feel she should get one after all of this time. Her storyline has been dragged out for so long, she just needs to be killed with some dignity involved.

DnD Episode Rating: 8/1O


Episode 11: The Distance - Is there hope for Rick?

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

They are really shooting ducks in a carnival for a prize
What an episode this was! It was all about trust and letting go of the past. Something I can totally relate to. I really compare Rick to a beaten, abused dog. He had been screwed over so many times that he is paranoid when some one shows him an ounce of kindness. Same with a dog that gets taken into a home or a rescue for the first time. At first they are paralyzed with fear, even violently fearful, but as time goes on and they see nothing is happening to them, they become comfortable, relaxed and loving again.

All of these people need a break from all the suffering they had endured together. And it shows. The wear and tear on their emotions has taken its toll and you can see Rick passively agree with the group wanting to go to Alexandria, but you could tell he doesn't want to. He is afraid to lose everything in an instance. You can't blame the poor guy. He has lost so many people already under his care, but Michonne and Glenn have stepped up to tell him they believe newcomer Aaron and want to give him a chance.

Even then they still took precautions. Part of the group went to find the vehicles Aaron told them about while the others protected the barn and looked out for any enemies in the area. They found the camper and vehicles and brought back food. Even then, Rick is paranoid and wants to not only travel at night, but on a different road in case people are waiting for them on the one Aaron claims is cleared by his people. Because of this, they run into a horde of zombies and lose control of the vehicles and of Aaron who sees a flare shoot up in the sky and dives out of the car. 

The group fights off the horde and finds Aaron again about to be eaten by a zombie while his hands are tied. Glenn saves him and unties him so he can be a useful member of the group. When Glenn, Aaron, Michonne and Rick meet back up together, they now are missing the camper and this looks gravely suspicious. Everyone is looking toward Aaron for answers, but they managed to reunite with their group in an area of abandoned buildings after a bit of searching. Everyone is safe, including Aaron's lover, Eric who ended up breaking an ankle during the fight. Rick's people saved and took care of him, making Aaron break down in an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness toward the group.

Hush little girl, there are no big bad cannibals here
At the end of the episode, they managed to make it to Alexandria, Rick fears he hears nothing behind the walls and that it is still a trap. That is when the sounds of children playing fill his ears. He relaxes and for once in a long time, we see hope in his eyes. Hope for baby Judith and Carl, hope that they never have to suffer on the open road again. The whole group is hopeful and so am I! For once Aaron seems like the good guy they had always hope to run into and Alexandria seems like the home they were always yearning for. This was a great episode. I can't wait to find out what Alexandria is about this sunday!

The Horde Speaks:

1. Is he crushing nuts for her?-

Have they been feeding baby Judith wild nuts this entire time? That's incredible, I can't imagine that they would be able to crush them enough to make it edible for an infant. They would have to use water to turn it into mush or something. Wow.

Oh you aren't just hurt, you are fabulously hurt
2. The lovers-

I'm happy they are finally showing some representation in this episode. I know we have a lesbian character, but she hasn't really had any action herself, you know? You almost forget she is gay in a sense because she hasn't really expressed much of her sexuality [like she really has the time to honestly]. Maybe she will find some one in the community? And not only are they good gay characters, they are also strong characters that just happen to be gay. Its a great representation of a medium that isn't always seen on popular television. Either gays are represented as either on one end of extreme or the other. Its not common enough you see them just as...just people.

3. Washington-

Looks like Alexandria is near Washington! How about that! The group finally made it close enough to see what Eugene started them off on, even if the path was a lie.

4. Rick's extra gun-
He placed it in a container as a just in case they find themselves stranded without a weapon, but I kind of wonder if he will ever come back for that or it will come to play later. They wouldn't show us that unless the group was going to need it at some point. Hmmm....

I knew that one thing I taught you would come in handy
What I loved about this episode is how Glenn's lessons from Dale came into play. Remember Dale? The guy who owned the RV in season 1 and 2? He taught Glenn how to fix cars knowing it might come in handy in the future. It was really cool to see a reference back to a time when things were simpler. It will be interesting to see if the group can come back to life from all the suffering they had been through. It will be a wonder if they could be the people they once were and trust once again.

DnD Episode Rating: 8/1O

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up Feb 2-22 2O15: Sleepy Hollow, Gotham, The Flash, The Walking Dead

Episode 17: Awakening - Welcome to 1781, Abby.

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

I asked for Earl Grey, get it right, Librarian.
Jeremy is up to his old tricks again with some witchcraft mayhem. Its not like our two witnesses have enough on their plate. Like trying to figure out how to get an additional copy of all the cool stuff they just blew up last episode. Gosh, Jeremy. You are such a turd.

We end up finding out Jeremy wants to create a strong coven of witches with his mother so they can rule over Sleepy Hollow and I am just thinking. "Oh please, just kill off her character already. I can't stand it anymore." I really find her character the most irritating part of the show due to her constantly going against the grain and constantly messing things up.

I can understand that she serves as a monkey wrench and a source of drama, but aligning with Jeremy? Obviously she is under the influence of the darkness that was sparked a few episodes ago. Either that or the appeal of having her baby boy back is strong with this one. Ichabod has  no real connection to Jeremy besides duty, so I can see why he cares less about the consequences than her.

So of course Abby and Ichabod do battle and we can't do battle with Katrina and Jeremy without some Crane family drama involved. "Oh you abandoned me. Boo hoo." Get over it. It happens and it wasn't even on purpose. It was out of necessity to save your punk ass from being killed. Ungrateful, I swear. When Jeremy gives him the abandonment speech again, Ichabod made the great point that he didn't even know he existed. HA. You weren't even a thought, Jeremy. Personally, this is all Katrina's fault. She didnt tell Ichabod about their son, she covers up for Abraham, she continues to BS Ichabod every time. I think Katrina needs to go. DIVORCE. I demand a divorce!

Overall they manage to break the bell and kill Jeremy. OH YAY. But now they pissed off Katrina, augh. So she goes all evil on their ass and becomes the enemy. By the way, Katrina continues to have "one face" syndrome and I can't tell how mad she actually is. It always seems reserved emotion for me and I am just bored by her one face emotions. How did Ichabod ever understood when she was happy? Their married life seems strange to me.

I am going to kill a different time period. Bye!
So if she was so raging mad and wanted to kill Ichabod, why didn't she kill him again? She was going to, but then she cast a spell and disappeared. I don't get it. You had him right there. You are powerful enough to make his nuts explode. So why did you run away? So instead that happening, she accidentally takes Abby with her in the whirlwind of shit. Abby travels back to 1781 with Katrina and is now back during the time they existed. Just when you think this couldn't have been more boring, they spice it up again.

I'm sorry Abby. I hope you get a decent master because you are in for a really bad few weeks until you can escape that time period. Maybe Crane can take you in? Oh...that's right, Crane doesn't know you during this time. You better know a skill he can use or this is going to be craziness for the next few weeks.

What is Wrong in Sleepy Hollow:

1. The Bell- 

How in the world did they get that bell down there? They could barely move it into the tunnel, and they managed to move it from the square? Holy hell.

2. Reload-

Oh thank God some one reloaded and made that time useful. Not only is it realistic, but it serves as a great break point for conversation and story development. Good job writers. You didn't make it the mythical gun that shoots 3OO bullets.

3. How the hell did she survive that explosion?- 

No, for real. How the hell did she escape that explosion? That's total bull shit. There is no way she escaped without them seeing her escape. Plus that would have to have been a split second decision before Katrina blew the car up. She couldn't have reacted so fast.

4.  Jenny's got nerves of steel-

Holding a live decapitated Medusa head while the snakes are hissing is pretty damn brave Jenny. I would be afraid to get bitten by those little shits. They got to be hungry after all that time.

Whoa, I'm not use to having no rights. What up, British?
Am I happy about this ending? A little. It seems like an interesting direction that the writers decided to take with the story. Ichabod is stuck in Abby's time alone and now Abby is stuck in his time which will allow her to personally talk to her ancestors and gather information that was not written in their memoirs.

They are creating one hell of a screwed up time paradox at this point. Who knows how this is going to dramatically change their time line from Abby being there and Katrina going out to save Jeremy from a horrible fate and the destructive path he was on. This will also feel weird for old Ichabod as it will for current Ichabod as his history will change as well. I think this can pretty much erase all of both seasons with severe consequences. Not sure how they are planning to handle this, but hopefully it will be clean and not so messy.

DnD Episode Rating: 6.5/1O


Episode 16: The Blind Fortune Teller - Hot Damn, that's the Joker!

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

This kid is no joke! He's scary as hell.
So this was an interesting episode. Jim's ex-girlfriend comes back home to both Kat and her friend Ivy with the news that Jim dropped his keys off a while ago. Jim has to deal with a break out fight at the circus, Little Bruce is about to go face the board of Wayne Enterprises, Fish becomes queen of the underground and the Penguin now owns his own restaurant.

There are a few things I have to mention though. For one, is Jim's girlfriend really taking advice from two kids that know nothing about fashion just to get him back? She must be super desperate. The question is always, why? You left him. Stop being a crabby pants about it. You broke his heart and now you want it back? Barbara, you just can't handle that he hasn't called since you left.

Well Jim has his own problems besides his girlfriend preparing to wing her way back into his world. He has a new girlfriend that wants to be more involved with his investigations. She bugs him to go on a hunt for a murder weapon out in the middle of no where due to a fortune teller's cryptic message from a dead person. Jim is not pleased. He wanted dinner and sex. We totally saw it. He was teed off going out in the middle of the night and doing work when he could have been romancing his woman. haha. Poor guy.

Stick it to them little Bruce!
With all that going on, still, the craziest part about this episode was Jerome. A seemingly new character that we feel for, but are curious why there is so much focus on him. Turns out...this boy is the future Joker and it is so apparent when he laughs and goes "KooKOO" that you are struck on the head with a holy shit moment.

The actor who plays him is brilliant and he gives you the chills and shock that is so ingrained with the character. I seriously hope he becomes a regular! We NEED a face off between little Bruce and psychopath Jerome that is cut short. That would be so awesome!

Speaking of young Bruce, he ends up confronting the board at Wayne Enterprises about the shady stuff that has been going on. They don't take him seriously at first, until he threatens legal action against them. Yup, this is going to be some awesome shit going on. I love this kid! Stick it to the adults!

Darkness Only Gotham Knows:

These two are the cleanest riff raff I have ever seen.
1. So who is paying the bills while the girls are squatting?-

I kind of wonder this. Jim doesn't live there anymore and I doubt he is paying any of the bills. So is this all going on his girlfriend's account? His bisexual druggy model girlfriend that didn't like playing second fiddle to a job? I know she is rich and all, but damn. She can just leave a nice flat like that on a whim?
2. Why are they not using their guns?-

So these underground guys have guns and they run this little whole joint that Fish Mooney is stuck in. Why aren't they just firing into the crowd if people are trying to toughen up against them? They could easily mow a few down. Maybe even shoot Fish in the head before she gets too cocky.

3. Oswald is smarter than that-

He puts his mother on stage? I know he loves his mother, but he's got to be smarter than that. He is running a night club. I knew the issue of his shitty managing would come up at some point. He better wise up quick or some ones going to axe him too. Good thing Butch is back in the picture. Could have sworn that guy was dead.

Doesn't this guy look like a young RDJ?

Overall this episode was a bit, clownish? I love seeing Butch become Penguin's puppet, this is going to be a very interesting few episodes. Now the backdrop of the snake dancer murder seemed to only push the characters relationship wise, but it was still a crawl story wise. I think there are just too many character focuses for the story to be sharp and lean. The writers should start considering cutting a few people out. Barbara should be the first to go. You had your chance Barbara, we don't care about your character anymore.

DnD Episode Rating: 7/1O


Episode 14: Fallout - HOLY SHIT did you see that ending?!

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

Awww, love in radioactive ash. So romantic.
There is so much to talk about! So this episode starts off as a continuation of the last one. We find out that Ronnie and Professor Stein both survived the explosion and are now seperated. However the military is out to retrieve firestorm and bring them whole again. Remember that general from a few episodes ago? That turd burger is back and ready to do some more evil military shit.

Also we FINALLY get to the time travel talk! BALLIN! I'm super pumped! Joe shows Barry the stills of him being there that night, bringing a whole new level of crazy into the equation. This will inspire Barry to eventually go back in time and alter the past by learning the mistakes from his future/past self.

We also learn that firestorm will always be intertwined with each other. I guess Caitlin is never getting her fiance back and neither is Professor Stein's wife getting her husband back. What a crazy character to have TWO people controlling one body. I hope firestorm comes back and becomes a permanent part of team Flash. It would be awesome to have a flying fireball guy by his side. So far Barry has been winging it alone and he could afford all the help he could get.

Also this can't be an episode of the Flash without Dr. Wells being shady as shit. His visit with the General is peculiar. What are you up to Wells? The curious end game of Dr. Wells makes one wonder why he would sacrifice one person and not the other. Does Harrison genuinely care for his crew or is he just doing this to look good? What would his crew think of him if they knew about ALL of his past activities? Hard to say. He delivers Professor Stein, but I feel there was more than giving up one man over the other. It is used as a testing tool to make Barry better as well as covering his tracks. He knew where the general was the entire time. So it had nothing to do with looking for his hide out to exact revenge.

So with all of that said, THAT ENDING! Holy moly! I just about Nerdgasmed all over the place! We finally get to see our man in the suit and GRODD!! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! So worth it! I love how the General was like "Oh you are one of them." to which Wells responds. "Yes I am and I protect my own." SHIT YEAH HARRISON!! BEAT HIS ASS!! :DDDDDD

A Lightening Round of Thoughts:

Why isn't Barry getting PTSD from this?
1. just walk in?-

The last time I remembered, Barry's old home belonged to some one else. So Joe has the keys to come in whenever he feels like and just leave that expensive equipment there? This makes zero sense. Where is the vivacious cougar that was hanging out in this home? Did Joe just give her the best night ever in exchange for her to camp out in a hotel while they use her home? Now I want to know.

2. T-Shirts-

Does Star Labs have a never ending supply of these shirts in boxes? Were they prepared to sell t-shirts the day the particle accelerator exploded and were like, "Welp, these shirts are no good. Oh wait, we can keep them just in case some one here is naked. Also...what was the point of having both Professor Stein and Ronnie wear those t-shirts again when they tested them the second time? They had regular clothes on and they weren't tattered.

3. Military Propaganda-

How is nobody reporting a shooting at the restaurant by the military? How is this asshat not arrested and charged with homicide? Besides that, this guy should be in a staff position, not playing leader in an underground operation. It would have made more sense to make him a Colonel, because at least he would still be some what tactical in nature and they don't have to go through the trouble to explain this shit to me. Augh.

That splicer is made out of alien blood I swear.
4. Quantum Splicer Part 2-

THAT THING SURVIVED? How the hell did the splicer survive that massive eruption? What is it made of? We need to coat our planes with that!

5. What the hell are they shooting at??-

As Ronnie and the Professor realize they need to merge again, the army is just shooting bullets. Because...why? Nobody has a weapon here. They must know that. Yet what the hell are they aiming at? What a freaken waste of bullets, Private Cowboy.

6. Where's Eddie?- 

Did Iris break up with him? We haven't seen Eddie for a few episodes now and when we do, its very brief. Now I am curious. I mean, its great that we don't get much of Iris [she is a bit annoying and she still is], but I really want to know. Eddie was a cool dude.

This episode wasn't too bad, but the ending REALLY slayed it for me! The ending alone was a 1O/1O for awesomeness.  What I am starting to realize now is a long theme of Dr. Wells pushing Barry on his limits. He always tells him to run in a crisis or a situation to get faster and stronger, possibly in preparation for a future crisis that is much larger than they could imagine. Perhaps in the future, Barry fails to save everyone from whatever the crisis was on the newspaper we saw in the beginning of the series.

*Squeal* It fits you so well. Ahem, Doctor.
Dr. Wells has got his questionable moments, but one has to think of the why. He lets the General take Stein, but probably to protect Barry in some way or even a member of his crew since he could consider Ronnie family by extension through Caitlin. He could also allow this to motivate Barry and using his desire to help people continuously to make him better. Perhaps all of these challenges exist for a reason, including him being the reverse flash and essentially TEASING Barry into getting faster.

It is true that Wells could possibly be a bad guy still, but I feel he is more of a neutral entity in this. Perhaps the way he motivates is considerably shady and morally corrupt, but he seems to genuinely care about the people he works with. Especially Barry. There has to be a reason he is so protective of him and I still think he is some kind of relation or descendent to him. Either way, that ending was SO WORTH IT. Can't wait for another episode of the Flash!!

DnD Episode Rating: 8/1O 


Episode 1O: Them

FINALLY! It comes full circle!

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.


This is like 8O% of what this season looks like.
After spending a long episode on losing Tyreese, the group heads out to Washington to see if they could find a safe haven once again because, what else were they going to do? The group has lost two major members in a very short span and its depressionville up in there. The group is much larger than it had been for a few seasons which is both a good and bad thing. Good because they can protect each other more. Bad because they stand out easier on the road, have more mouths to feed, and more likely arguments will break out easier. Oh and is that Eugene in the background? I totally forgot that dipweed was still alive. ITS YOUR FAULT EUGENE!
Both Sasha and Maggie are pissed at their losses. Maggie has lost all of her family at this point, except Glenn which is now her only extended family to still be alive. I admit, Glenn has become quite the man the past few seasons. He use to be more of this wimpy scout and now he's just as good as taking the walkers out like the rest of them. He is definitely put in a tough position with Maggie and her losses.

Sasha has two of her own as well. Her brother and her boyfriend, Bob. She takes her anger out on others and decides to ruin a few plans or two by killing all the zombies she can manage. The group is unraveling for sure and with little food and water left and a pretty bummed mood, its getting hard not to get testy with each other. Nobody wants to talk and everyone is losing their faith in everything, including God. The priest is having a hard time trying to keep the faith of his new flock and is getting shut out by a lot of people.
Finally, a shower! Everyone have a naked party!
Even Daryl ends up going out alone a few times to get away and eventually breaks down about Beth and probably all the surmounting losses he has had. The gang was getting really thirsty and hopeless when the rain started to hit. They went to a barn that was close by to get out of the rain and sleep off the hate.

Unfortunately during the night of the storm, zombies came pounding on their door on a full frontal attack. The group banned together to keep the door from being broken down by the horde in what was the most amazing display of human togetherness since the show started. Nobody cared about anyone else's problem, they all knew what they had to do and they did it to survive together. That is one hell of a bonding experience.

By some miracle of God, the zombies were slaughtered, pinned and scattered by the falling trees and the group survived without any causalities, reminding them of why they were here and why they are still living. Sasha and Maggie decide to venture outside together to watch the sun rise and see the damage of the storm. They share a moment when a stranger comes up to them. Not surprisingly they pull their weapons out in defense. The stranger seems friendly and healthy, but who knows why. I can't wait to find out!

The Horde Speaks:

1. How is the baby surviving?-

I am still amazed how alive baby Judith still is. There is no way that baby is that quiet and that healthy. I don't care what anyone says, they don't have many supplies on them, including diapers and formula, so how is she still OK? You can have clothe diapers but that needs to be washed regularly. Could Rick be smelling shit all the time while carrying her through the forest?

Its nice the crew can still smile after 5 years of this shit.
2. Open Road Walking-

I know there aren't a lot of humans left, but is it still smart to walk around on the open road? That's an easy way for an evil colony to come out and gun you down. You would figure they would at least be moving through the trees. Also, why doesn't anyone have a map? How do people know where they are going?

3. Cigarettes-

How long did Daryl have cigarettes? I don't think I ever seen him smoke. I mean it doesn't surprise me, but still.

4. Facial Hair-

Is Rick the only guy without a razor? I mean, he looks super bad ass and manly, but either the other guys can't grow much facial hair or he just decided a beard is great in the middle of the sweltering summer.

5. Oregon Trail-

Remember the game Oregon trail? You had to get your family of morons across the country without them dying of typhoid, starvation, indians or cannibals? Yeah me too. I feel like this show isn't realistic enough with disease. Half his crew should be dead from disease and movement should be slowed to a crawl over that too. I know its just a show, but most of these people would be dead from tooth decay, infection, illness, or just some other nonsense. That's right, the zombie apocalypse would just be a slow crawl toward death. The fact that they lasted this long is pretty incredible.

Who are you??
This has been one hell of a ride so far. It looks like the Walking Dead may come to a nice conclusion. At least I hope. I would hate for Washington to be another bull shit sanctuary where corruption rules. However they got this new stranger to tango with for now. He seems friendly and healthy. Like some one you would see on a kid's hiking show. Lets hope he is friendly and this isn't some trickery situation like the last...5O situations they have encountered.

DnD Episode Rating: 7/1O