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Weekly Wrap up - Mar 7, 2O15 - Once Upon a Time, Gotham, The Walking Dead

Episode 13: Darkness on the Edge of Town - And apparently inside of town too.

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

Its De Vil....not Dev il. Disney should be ashamed.
The girls are back in town, or at least two out of the three are. Looks like Rumple is up to his old tricks again, deviously planning to come back to Storybrooke to get his happy ending. *sigh* Why am I still watching this nonsense? So now this whole rest of the season is all about finding the Author so all villains can get their happy endings. Oh joy. Wait until they find him and he tells them he doesn't write the book, they do and they were just jerks in the first place and no magic could fix that.

What we have though are the Evil Diva 3, Ursela, Cruella de Vil, and Maleficent. I am still confused how these three exist in this world, especially Cruella who sticks out like a sore thumb. She feels like a Disney inject [they all do really]. Either way, the gang figures out how to release the fairies from being trapped in the hat portal, but in doing so also released a demon that looks oh so familiar. Why yes, that is the demon from Fantasia! Good job, kids.

Of course everyone has to stop the monster from breaking the town, but they get a random call from the evil Ursela telling them they know how to defeat the monster inside of Storybrooke in exchange for the Evil Queen to let them in. They said they would "think about it" if their information was correct. Insert evil laughter here.

This is the secret society of keep your mouth shut.
In an amusing tag up with the gang, Emma barely has to say a thing before everyone states their roles without her even asking them. Yup, this group has got this down to a science. Well they give the demon a good blast of magic and realize its much too strong and need to bring it to the town line to destroy it due to it existing out of pure magic. If it crosses the line, it will essentially die since magic doesn't exist outside of the border.

What we do know is how bad ass Regina and Emma have become together as a magic team. What we didn't know until later is that the demon wasn't after Regina, but Emma. DUN DUN DUN! And you know that mousy little objection from Snow White and Prince Charming? That wasn't obscure at all, apparently these people have a past, one that Emma must never know. Oh snap. But that so wasn't worth wasting 4O min of this episode for. Now we got to wait til next week only to be teased and dragged along with the looming dark secrets until the last five minutes of the next episode. I seriously hate this. Wake me up when they finally get to a resolution for this show.

That clock tower has such bad luck.
Something Wicked this Way Comes:

1. The Demon- 

Did they SERIOUSLY not notice that black smoke pool out of the hat and fly into the sky? I call shenanigans on that! That thing was massive. How could you not notice that?

2. So where is Belle living again?- 

With Gold's shop closed, I never really thought I would wonder if Belle had an actual living space in Storybrooke. You always found her either at the library or Gold's shop. Also does she wear her wedding ring still? I would think that would be really awkward.

3. Heart of Darkness- 

Emma has the evil inside of her? I know she had a break down this past season, but what do they mean?

4. My Scroll-

Oh girl, I am so drunk on dead puppy fur.
Emma and the Evil Queen gave Ursela and Cruella the scroll to cross the town line. Why did they not take it back immediately? As soon as they crossed, they should have grabbed it. This totally would have prevented the Dark One's entrance.

I can't say I am thrilled with the return of Once Upon a Time. Its already off to a weak start and I'm seriously starting to think that Mr. Gold's plan is a super elaborate troll that he is placing upon his fellow Enchanted Forest dwellers. What is his ultimate end game?

It seems like this shit has been unfolding for way too long already. His original goal was to get his son back, but he died. Did he anticipate him dying? Was he told he would die? Did he foresee it? Also what happened to his grandchild being the end of him? Does that still apply? Also where did Robin Hood go with his wife? So many questions and so few answers. I'm also starting to wonder if the Mad Hatter is ever coming back too.

DnD Episode Rating: 6/1O


Episode 18: Everyone has a Cobblepot - Secrets galore!

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

I'm working on my rise to evil sneer.
I feel this episode is a great demonstration of a turning point with Jim Gordon and his rise to Commissioner. I am usually not a fan of Jim, but I liked how he worked this episode. Jim has always been the straight lace guy fighting a crooked world. However he has learned over time that in order to take down the chain, he has to be a little rotten himself to do so.

And that is where he gets Commissioner Loeb. So a guy named Flass, that Jim locked away a few episodes ago got off scott free due to his association with the Commissioner and the blackmail of Jim's partner, Bullock. On top of this, douchebag is also running to become the President of some police organization that could really be a detriment to Jim's cause.

Jim uses every resource he can to take the Commissioner out, including enlisting Harvey Dent and the Penguin to get him where he needs to go. They end up finding the Commissioner's secret, which is his daughter, who murdered his wife by accident due to her mental health issues. One quick conversation and the Commissioner gives Jim his partner's files and backs him for President of the society instead of Flass. Smart move, Jim. Pretty evil, pretty evil indeed.

I am the sickest creep you will ever meet. Look at my poise!
On the flip side, we only get a glimpse of little Bruce this episode who is still struggling with the stabbing of his butler, Alfred. He knows it is because of his ambition to take down the board of Wayne Enterprise and when Selina comes to visit him for support, he tells her he is going to find out who ordered his friend to spy on them. Selina is worried about Bruce in her own way and offers to go with him, but he refuses. She lets him be, but we all know she won't let it go.

Meanwhile on the bad guy's end, Penguin now has a favor that Jim owes him for his services, Fish Mooney has won the fight against her captor and is now working for him secretly. The Doctor, or should we say Doll Maker, is quite devious, always teasing Mooney that he could kill her at any point. She, however, knows better that he could find good use from her. She also finds out where she is located. On a secluded island out in the middle of the waters making it difficult for her to escape without a boat.

Now she is a chimera!
Darkness Only Gotham Knows:

1. Blue Eye-

So in the last episode, Fish scooped out her own eye. I am not a surgeon, but I believe once you do that, you pretty much lost all functionality with that part of your body. No new surgery will help bring your sight back. So did he just install a new eye that is fully functioning? What was the point of such a sacrifice if he can just put a new one in? And why give her a blue eye? I feel there is some symbolism here.

2. The Odd Couple-

Why were the old couple living in the home working for the Penguin? I never understood that. What is your end game Penguin? Or did he make a phone call and convince them to work for you so you can trick them into doing a dirty thing against Falcone to cover your tracks?

3. Girlfriend?-

Jim still has a girlfriend right? I know he was super busy this time. I just hope he hasn't forgotten about her.

Who is the big bad wolf? Its Grandma!
With Fish wavering on her promise to keep the underground crew fed and happy, I can't wait to see how it ends for her. From what I understand she only signed on for one season. Which means she will die this season at some point. The Penguin however seems to be like a cat, he has 9 lives and they are starting to run out little by little.

He betrayed Fish, Maroni and he is on his way to eventually betraying Don Falcone. We all know the Penguin wants the top position on the food chain and will get people killed to do it. However that rise will take a while if we hope the show to last. I liked this episode, it was interesting to see the dark road that Gordon is going on to clean up the force. Lets see if he gets caught up in the mayhem.

DnD Episode Rating: 8/1O


Episode 12: Remember - A time when we weren't survivors

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

They brought dinner!
This past Sunday's episode was definitely a different kind of awesome. Rick and the group find themselves inside the community, Alexandria and are having a hard time adjusting to the kindness. It is interesting how closely knit the group is even in a situation that seems like the real deal. When Rick tells everyone to sleep in one home, they all come together in a sense of loyalty, togetherness and survival. The same way they had always done on the road. However Rick knows to take advantage of the place while he can and manages to do some manscaping by shaving off his beard and getting a hair cut. It seems nice to see clean shaven Rick again, but it seems like a memory of who he once was. Now this Rick seems like a facade for the people and not the true Rick that was born from such tragedy.

It is interesting how the drama is heightened not due to real events, but the imaginary ghosts of the past and the paranoia that seems to chase Rick around every corner. Everything from Carl missing for a second, to the gang splitting up into different houses, and even giving up their weapons. Everyone is given a job in the community and homes so they would feel part of the group except Daryl. Who seems to be taking the luxury of kindness the hardest, refusing to give up his crossbow, taking a shower or settling into the community at all. He doesn't even eat the food. He just eats the possum he killed outside. Augh.

Everyone is trying to find something wrong with the place, but they can't. The worst that happens is when Glenn and a couple others go outside the wire to do a supply run with the mayor's son. We find out he is young and kind of a douche bag, risking the group's safety over trying to tie up a walker as punishment for eating one of their friends [like it cares, dumb dumb]. A fight ensues and when he tries to swing, Glenn ducks and knocks him flat on his ass. YES! Get em Glenn! 
Dumbest idea ever.
It was at this time Daryl and the rest of the gang jumped in to defend their friends and break up the fight. The mayor is upset, but not at Rick's crew, but at her son's behavior. She defends Rick and his group and the fight is over. The mayor makes both Rick and Michonne Constables to protect the peace hoping they would accept the job. They do.

The group concludes after walking around and observing the community that the people who live here are soft and they are afraid they will become soft too. Then a very strange thing happens, Rick announces that they are not weak, its not in them anymore, but if the people there can't make it, they will just take this place. It is the most bizarre turn of events that has happened since this started. He sounds almost like the Governor. Creepy.

The Horde Speaks:

1. They got food, but Daryl eats a possum-

Daryl, we all know you are the cool hill billy of the group, but seriously? They got real food and you are gutting a possum on the porch. At least cook it on the stove you asshat.

We know a cold blooded killer is behind that smile.
2. OMG you are such a liar, Carol-

Carol talks about how happy she was with her husband before the apocalypse and how she missed him and all of that. Your husband was an abusive prick and you lost your daughter to stupidity. We know your end game, you are so full of shit. Smart, but full of shit.

3. Cigarette dude-

That guy on the porch lighting a cigarette, what was that all about? He seems like the type of guy that needs a punch in the face. "My wife gave you a hair cut." Yeah so what, buddy. What does it matter to you?

We know what you are up to, clean shaven Rick.
This season is really getting interesting. With Rick's group turning into the hunters instead of the hunted, it will be fascinating to see if they can adapt to the community or become the people they have been fighting against outside. Rick had always championed trusting people and taking them in compared to a "us vs them" scenario.

However being outside for so long and beaten by so many others has really gotten him thinking differently. And he isn't the only one that feels this way. Everyone in the group feels the community is weak and will crumble so they will become weak too. Nobody wants to be a victim to the outside world again. Can't wait for the next episode!

DnD Episode Rating: 9/1O

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