Sunday, July 7, 2013

Double Downey Review: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Due Date

While I recover from my adventure out in the woods of Big Bear Mountain and man-eating bugs...I decided to write a classic double feature!


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is about a thief masquerading as an actor [Robert Downey Jr], a detective by the name of Gay Perry [Val Kilmer] and a struggling actress [Michelle Monaghan] mixed up in a middle of a murder mystery.

The movie is quite humorous in its jarring, convoluted story telling as Harry Lockhart [our thief and hero] tries to recall the story of his wild adventure in Hollywood. The best character in this film has got to be Gay Perry, a hard ass detective that has a penchant for insulting Harry at every turn. The dark humor between the actors seems to string you along like bread crumbs far into the woods of engrossing interest. And it only continues to get weirder and more twisted as you go farther down the road.

Random side note:

What blows me away the most is Val Kilmer...still acting. But he's far from his days of flying high in the F-18 taking out "Mig-28s":

Yes Val...we did. Where did that guy go? Tom Cruise hasn't aged a second in his life, so what is your excuse? At least you were pretty damn entertaining in this movie so I forgive you.

Its not a film to watch with the kids, but its still worth watching if you like off beat films. Beautifully done with quirky dialogue, dark humor, patched well with sex, murder, and unexpected turns. Enjoy!



Due Date - What an odd film. This one is about a high strung, father to be, named Peter Highman [Robert Downey Jr] who is forced to hitch a ride with a wanna-be-actor named Ethan Tremblay [Zach Galifianakis] after he gets kicked off of a plane to meet his pregnant wife for the birth of his child.

The movie has its moments, but I really feel like Zach has no other characters besides stupid, fat ones. I didn't like him that much in the Hangover and he isn't that much more likable in this movie either. However that is the roles he plays. The obnoxious, but strangely lovable psychopath.

The only thing that makes him worth keeping around is the fact that he is a great actor to bounce insults off of. And there are a lot of great moments where Peter [RDJ's character] loses his shit. Even at one point spitting on Ethan's little hog-snorting, masturbating french bull dog, sunny.

There are also a few scenes I found a bit out of place, even just plain useless to the storyline. This movie is about a road trip from hell with the most ignorant, happy-go-lucky nightmare of a man. Mixed with a man with rage issues and you got one heck of a story. At times, uncomfortable to watch even.

I wouldn't say this is film of the year, but the highlighted moments make it at least tolerable to watch. I wouldn't say it would be something I would watch again in full. Perhaps in select pieces.


Bonus Film....Robert Downey Jr and Zach Galifianakis interview moments:

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