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American Hustle - Revealing 97% of the plot in the first Quarter since 2O13

American Hustle still holds a solid 93% and I don't understand the piss why. This is the second movie this year that has been overrated for me. Maybe I am just getting too use to these big movies expecting a pay off. So any way, David O. Russell brings back his all star cast, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro while tacking on a few more [Christian Bale and Amy Adams]. A lot of people state this is supposed to be a Scorcese like movie and if Wolf of Wallstreet is any indication on how this was going to turn out, this is definitely a good comparison. Here comes a different kind of review because...well I can.

How can two cons be so stupid to let this dipshit fool them?
So here is the quick synopsis of this story. Two cons get conned by an ambitious and pigheaded FBI agent to take down a politician by recording him taking bribes. During this time they make friends with the target and place people to make the deal solid. However Ritchie [the FBI agent] becomes too ambitious and begins to push for more, exposing a possible upset in the plan. The cons are trying to find a way out of this mess, but it gets trickier as they get deeper into the operations.

So what do I have to say about this film? It was trying to be all cryptic ops like, but it couldn't even do the most basic thing a movie with a twist ending needs, KEEP THE AUDIENCE GUESSING. They gave us way too much info to make the ending matter. It also was a terrible set up. The sting operation was only a background piece compared to the drama between the characters. The story was just too character heavy and not story driven enough.

Big man Ritchie is walking the dogs
The worst part is you start off with the beginning of the sting and then take a 4O min detour in the background of the characters. Which is..horrifying as a storyteller. Its almost never beneficial to switch from present to past for a lengthy period of time with something that can easily be expressed in a few scenes of conversations. And that is where Russell fails to pull off in the end. I didn't think for one second Amy Adam's character was really in love with the FBI agent. It would have been more of a shock if I never got to hear her say she will seduce him because they need an extra card at the end. Thanks...thanks for spoiling the entire movie.

The worst fake arab ever. Thank God Google wasn't invented.
Also...NARRATION. There are so many great possibilities that can be done without it. Narration in a movie is a lazy man's way to pump out an unwanted scene in a script and not push your cast to perform toward a higher level of emotion. Whenever I see narration, the movie already starts racking negative points. Spoon feeding the audience is a horrible way to begin, continue or end a story. It is almost never needed if you have the right cast and good script writers. Even the Hobbit doesn't use it and we know Bilbo is telling the lads a story!!

Another important thing to mention is the soundtrack is horrible. Its just a terrible mishmash of songs from that time period that do not gel with the movie at all. Jefferson Airplane's "white rabbit" [one of my fav oldies] doesn't even freaken make sense when it appears during the time Rosalyn rushes to the bathroom. Rosalyn wasn't high, she was just wasted and crazy. Which seemed like a typical Rosalyn issue.

You go girl. Power scrub that floor!
Other songs like Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" also crop up in weird places like the dance floor during a not so loving moment. People may not realize how critical a soundtrack is until it is terribly mismatched, but its pretty important for one to pull a vibe off of each scene. Should I feel excited? Tense? Happy? Peaceful? Sexy? Emotional?

Music can drive that, but it can never replace good acting. But you know what's really hilarious? Jennifer Lawrence singing Paul Mccartney's Live and Let Die while cleaning the house. You can hear other characters sing in this story as well. Personally I think this would have been better if it was a musical.

The only interesting characters were shockingly Rosalyn and Irving. Irving was complicated for a con artist and I liked how he wanted not only to win, but also be a good man at the same time. Irving's portrayal was fantastically done by Christian Bale. His wife, Rosalyn was hilarious. She was the monkey wrench in all of Irving's plans and she was a bit on the crazy side, which made her colorful compared to the bland characters involved.

Those curls are the equivalent of duck face photos
Amy Adams was convincing as the female version of the con man, however her character was uninteresting in the grand scheme of things as she lures FBI agent Ritchie in. And Ritchie...don't get me started. His curls make me want to slap him. They are horribly ugly and there really is just no shred of decency with this guy. But I would accept this because he is essentially the villain in this story except for the fact that he feels like every Bradly Cooper character ever performed. Talk about Buzz Kill. Bradley Cooper, no matter how cute he is [and hes adorable], is a terrible method actor. He is the same character with different clothing and that makes it hard for me to see anything through him.

My final beef with this movie is the quote in the beginning "Some of this happened." Now this movie was based off of an actual sting and the characters involved represented the people involved. However much is left to the imagination and that element of realism is almost unnecessary considering this was just loosely based and given plenty of artistic freedom. What was the point of even mentioning it? So people can be drawn into how real it is? This is the world of google search, nothing escapes this generation's finger tips. That line would have worked better with a 195Os crowd.

And I don't even have the decency to finish this review...

The End.

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DnD Rating: 4/1O

Anything after the credits? No

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