Saturday, November 8, 2014

Comic Con Registration: Only Sissies Claim its Too Much Work

So I am back full circle and Comic Con is doing their pre-registration for us awesome 2O14 Comic Con fanatics. I had an great post for you guys about last years con and then I couldn't figure out how to dump the awesome 3OO photos I took on this stupid blog system.  So I decided I will better prepare for next year's con mega post.

This is the Comic Con Waiting Room. Not much to look at, but everyone starts their venture here after they logged onto the landing page. Every year I bitch about the system. Its either broke, stupid, slow or annoying. Comic con finally came up with this system last year of a 2 hour slow roll of future attendees before the initial start time which made things less stressful for not only them, but everyone else. The whole 1 million people jumping onto the page as fast as they can at 8 AM thing was just crashing the system, kicking people out and letting only a few get through.

However the wait is sometimes long and painful and you are never guaranteed a badge, just a better chance than most people due to the smaller pool you are working with due to being a last year comic con attendee.

If you ever desire a full badge, its best to at least get a badge for this year even if its one day, go pick up your badge and then keep it for next year's registration so you can participate in pre-registration. That way you have 2 chances to participate. You can also volunteer your time and get a free badge for whatever days you volunteer or if you are involved in the press and write regular articles/blog/podcast can check out the criteria and ask for a badge from there.

Either way, those that claim its too much work are just not that into it as everyone else is. Yet they are the same people who complain that they never get to go. This is how easy it is to go:

1. Register for an ID on the comic con website. If you are military/a senior/a student you could totally get a cheaper badge.

2. Wait for coveted email that says "HEY WE ARE SELLING BADGES!"

3. READ the registration instructions, they are there for a reason. So you don't screw it up for yourself.

4. Go to page on said date and time and take your screen saver off. Then PARK YOUR ASS IN FRONT OF THAT COMPUTER.

5. Pray...lots of prayer.

6. After much waiting, you could claim VICTORY! Or you could get this screen....Mother !%F#T

So yes as I said before, being here doesn't always guaranteed you a badge and sometimes you get disheartening moments like this. This is the first time I've never even gotten in to get at least one out of the two days I wanted.

Fri/Saturday are the hardest days to get besides Preview night. So I get to try other routes and I will be on for the open gauntlet sometime early next year.

Until then, stay nerdy my friends!

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