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The Flash: Reverse Flash Makes His Appearance and Streaks Away Leaving Us With Questions

A better look at the two flashes shows absolutely nothing
The Flash had a freaken exciting episode as we totally got to see Barry finally go after the man who killed his mother. While everyone is squealing that Dr. Wells is the Reverse Flash, I feel that we shouldn't take it at face value just yet. Just because he has the suit doesn't mean he is whoever we think he is.

Although the vibrating voice is hard to explain as he does the same voice altercation that Barry can do. But if they are trying to be some what faithful to the comics, here is what the reverse flash can do:

"Through this Speed Force, he also has the ability to create multiple after-images like Hunter Zolomon, the modern day Zoom, and, unlike The Flash and other users of the original Speed Force, can travel through and alter time, and can erase people from existence (Flash cannot change the past without dramatic consequences). He paradoxically exists Backwards in time. In the events leading up to Flashpoint, Professor Zoom has developed numerous powers including the ability to absorb other people's memories and experiences, change his age, and drastically alter time." - Reverse Flash Wikipedia Page.

The first and the last line leaves a paradox of all kinds of possibilities that could occur. Could he be manipulating Wells or could he be two versions of himself? Its all so confusing. So it could be exactly what it is, or it could be totally not. Creating after images of himself and altering time sounds like something this guy would do. Which could explain Dr. Wells beating himself up....but it could also be a creation that got out of control.

Which is also why he chose to beat the crap out of him, repaying the favor of his creation by trying to kill Wells. Dr. Wells does have a lot of enemies and doesn't seem like the friendly neighbor down the street. It would be likely he would make an enemy of the Reverse Flash considering any possible history they had together if he created him and bailed at the first sign of trouble. However it would be strangely irresponsible for Wells to do so without a very good reason.

Despite the exciting ending where Wells reveals the reverse flash suit in his shady as shit off time activities it doesn't make it true that he is the reverse flash, but lets check out Well's activities so far:

Episode 1: Wells reveals he is a shady bastard and has his own private room where he views a newspaper from the future where the Flash is missing in a crisis as well as Wayne Enterprises merges with Queen Inc [foreshadowing for Gotham or Arrow maybe?]. We get the particular date of April 25, 2024, the same date Wally West took up the reins for becoming the Flash. This edition could also be referring to Barry sacrificing himself in the storyline Crisis on Infinite Earths. We also learn he could walk and he totally didn't need glasses. We also learn that Grodd escaped probably during the particle accelerator explosion...but we had no idea who Grodd was at this point.

Episode 2: He stabs a guy for wanting Barry and tells him he needs to keep Barry safe. Safe for what perhaps? He has done tests on Barry and if he wanted to be the Reverse Flash, wouldn't it have been better to kill him now rather than later as he gets stronger? Or was he waiting for Barry to be at his peak before he stole his powers? Or is it a possibility if Wells is a time traveler that HE is a descendent of the Flash? They do kind of look similar in certain instances. A line was stated in the last episode that Barry and Harrison were alike.

Episode 3: We see Wells have a flashback where he is watching Barry on a camera. Meaning he knew about Barry's future condition well beyond the time line. So he had to have traveled from the future to be able to know when precisely to watch him and acquire him as he got struck by lightening.

Episode 5: We find out he has been at least around for 5 years and also could be responsible for the Gorilla beast villain known as Grodd.

Episode 6: Wells is lightly interrogated by Joe. He refuses to incriminate himself and we find out hes been in Central City even longer than that. At least 14 years. Before that he was in Maryland with his girl and she was in a tragic car accident. In the last part of the episode we see a flash of both red and yellow just like the event Barry had been through when he was a kid. Indicating Future Flash and Future Reverse Flash were in the same room fighting each other. Apparently Future Flash was trying to prevent Future Reverse Flash from killing his adoptive father. And apparently some one was trying to make the evidence of their case disappear. But who?

Episode 7: Wells goes out and takes the blood of a metahuman that could steal Barry's powers. Trying to unlock the secrets of how to take these powers from the Flash or was he really doing that to understand how to remove the powers and cure all of the metahumans that now exist? Is this the beginning of the Reverse Flash? Who knows.

Episode 8: Even though we didn't get a shady Wells scene, we did get a note that The Arrow felt something was off about him.

Episode 9: Wells is beaten up by the Reverse Flash. He even states "Dr. Wells, we meet at last." I think Wells is responsible for the Reverse Flash, but in what manner we aren't sure just yet. We also never got a good explanation of how Dr. Wells became "crippled" by this point either. What we know is that Dr. Wells will do anything to get the job done, including sacrificing people in the process. Perhaps he really screwed this guy over and he's been haunting him and the Flash ever since?

Look into the eyes of Zod!
What we do know is this. The Flash can go through time and dimensions at his fastest speed [but not without consequence], so it is possible the Flash could have ran back in time chasing the Reverse Flash who was trying to kill him as a boy. In the process, the Reverse Flash ended up killing his mother instead. But where is this other flash? Dr. Wells DOES have the Flash ring. There is no mention of the Reverse Flash ever obtaining this ring for any reason.

Lets think about the other evidence here. It is stated in the midseason finale that Barry's whole life was created off of one event. What if Barry's mother was meant to die no matter how hard he tried to stop it? He would have never became a forensics analysis person and would have never been in that room to get struck by lightening. What if this was the reason this current reverse flash had to do it? Triggering events to make the impossible possible. Would Wells use the blood of the metahuman to give to another or use it on himself? Could Wells be a future Eobard Thawne or Hunter Zoloman under a different alias? Or could there be TWO Reverse Flashes?

On IMDB it states Dr. Wells is the Reverse Flash and Detective Joe West is the Reverse Flash. So who is the real Reverse Flash in that trap? And did we just get an accidental spoiler? Or is IMDB jumping to conclusions and throwing us far off the trail?

At one point the Reverse Flash knocks out all of Eddie's men and stops in front of him. They seem like the same height minus a small lift from the boots with the suit, so there could be a possibility the Reverse Flash in the trap is a descendent of Eddie or IS Eddie. The good doctor even stating Eddie by his LAST NAME before he told him if he would like to read him his rights, identifying him as some kind of relation to the Reverse Flash. Which means there is a possibility that the Reverse Flash in the trap may not be Wells at all, but some one else entirely.

Or perhaps Eddie is seeking revenge in the future for losing Iris to Barry. It is possible that he does something drastic and Dr. Wells uses him in the suit, maybe even use that guy's blood to make a serum to turn Eddie into the Reverse Flash. Or perhaps Iris dies [she dies in the comics] which turns Joe to desperate measures and HE becomes the Reverse Flash seeing as he has a good relationship with Dr. Wells. It definitely raises a lot of questions.

Some day buddy, I'll be wearing you.
Now the device Dr. Wells had in the vault was the piece he needed for the suit, but it is unknown how he obtained it from the Reverse Flash. It makes the suit glow from the particles which supposedly makes him invulnerable. The question is from what? It seems too simple for him to be the Reverse Flash and I don't want to assume just yet. There is a possibility the ending all together was a red herring and he is maybe a different character that wants to end the Flash, but in order to do that must have the Reverse Flash's help to do so.

So after all of that conclusion here are some thoughts:

Dr. Harrison Wells is either Hunter Zoloman or a Future Flash supported by this evidence:

Hunter Zoloman:

1. All of his motives are to protect and make the Flash a better hero.
2. His S/O died in a car accident just like in the comics.
3. Like the comics, he is in a wheelchair, but for different reasons and has a connection to Grodd. Since Grodd escaped, did he get hurt by Grodd and then heal up during the 9 months Barry was in a coma?
4. He seemed to know the future, which means its possible he can time travel himself.
5. He has the suit or one of the suits, which means he could be the third version of the reverse flash.
6. He states in the first episode when he watches Barry on the camera "See you soon, Barry." In the last episode the Reverse Flash also states "See you soon." And you know who I am.

Future Flash:

1. His motives are to protect Barry at all cost. If that is the case, that means he has a stake in his existence. Which could point to him being a descendent.
2. Barry and Harrison do look similar, both have high intelliect and it would explain his capabilities, possible inheriting them from his line.
3. In the last episode, when the Reverse Flash and the Flash were fighting, he took off his mask and paused for a moment before he tried to destroy him. This could indicate that he was confused whether he was the present or future Flash. Since Star Labs made both suits, it is possible Wells also used the suit in the future, but a better version of it.
4. The man is very calculating. It seems he understands his actions on how his presence effects this current time line and takes all measures to ensure certain events occur.
5. He looks at Barry as if he admires him, stating he is a hero and there is a lot of good he could do. He could be encourage him to be the man he knew him to be as a boy. If a descendent were able to meet the first flash, his ancestor, I think they would also look at them with awe that the came from that line. Its like meeting your bad ass grandpa that was a young marine in world war II. You would probably be interested in getting to know him.
6. We have not seen the appearance of the other "red blur" or future flash.

I know evidence for a Future Flash is not strong at this time, but I do believe evidence may exist to throw people off the trail.

I believe Dr. Wells is responsible for the future Reverse Flash whether intentionally or by accident due to his current activities. I think we should also address Dr. Well's loss of Morgan Tess, the woman he loved, if she even existed. As far as we know...she is made up since we have never seen a photo or a flashback of her. There could be a possibility she died due to the Reverse Flash and he is now trying to stop him with his own version and with the help of the device. Or perhaps make Barry better to stop the Reverse Flash from killing anymore people.

To the future! So we can confuse the hell out of you.
There is the possibility of two reverse flashes. The future one who he created and destroyed his life and the one he becomes [if he is the reverse flash at all]. Since there are more than one version of the Reverse Flash in the comics just as there are more than one version of the Flash, this is possible. Now the Reverse Flash did state him and the Flash had been at this a long time, but he is always one step ahead. This same remark was also casually stated by the General in the 5th episode.

Although Wells always seems a step ahead himself. Perhaps he still carries the same motives of Zoloman trying to make the Flash a better hero and going back to create tragedy to alter the time line against something far worse in the future. We don't know, but it sounds like it is worth finding out.

And last, but not least, a weirder theory I have thought about:

Oliver stated in the first episode that he believed the lightening chose him. Could the lightening be Future Flash choosing to strike Barry himself? Could the particle accelerator not even be that at all, but a time traveling device or the cosmic boom of the future flash or the reverse flash arriving back in time that caused the reactor to blow up?

If you have not seen The Flash, I highly recommend it. Its the best new comic book show to come out this fall season and you can see it on Hulu.

DnD Rating: 9/1O

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