Monday, December 8, 2014

The Week in WTF: TV Mishaps

A few of my favorite shows are wrapping up with their infamous "Screw you, we are taking a two month break" finales and I couldn't help, but to notice a lot of WTF has happened this week on a few episodes. Lets take a look shall we?

The Walking Dead: Midseason Finale

So the Walking Dead finally wrapped up what had to be their most exciting season yet. No longer are we spending episodes watching Rick and the group farm turnips or watch as people die of sickness or stupidity. Nope. This season begins with a bang as Carol shocks everyone by turning She Rambo by blowing up a compound and busting everyone out. YOU GO GIRL! Man that was some awesome shit.

After that they curtailed the cannibal storyline by killing off the rest of the group, set up tent at a church with a cowardly priest and then tried to save the world. That is until, Eugene Mullet totally spilled the beans and stated he wasn't an actual scientist. Well that was a bummer. Kind of makes you wonder whats the point of the show anymore and how this is going to end. But the most interesting storyline had to be Beth's time at the hospital and the rescue mission, leading to the saddest ending I've seen in a while. Shit man...stop making me feel things.

But there were some weird things that happened during that episode that caught my attention...:

Thank you Carol for being the reason to watch this season
1. Gun Slinging from Rooftops -

During the episode we had a couple shooters on the rooftops that even a blind man could see. Instead they disappeared from the shot as if they were mysterious rooftop gunman. Come on. This isn't a Tom Clancy novel. This is the Walking Dead. These people are not trained snipers. The cops should have been able to spot them on the rooftops.  Maybe even throw a rock and hit one.

2. The Perfect Head Shot -

So some one stabs some one and they get shot in the head from the person they were stabbing. The fact that she had the capability to unhoster the gun, tilt it up and shoot from the hip right through the head in a matter of a split second is pretty ridiculous. I know she's a trained cop, but no.

3. Also Eugene is an idiot.

The Flash: The Long Introduction to the Arrow Episode Crossover

So the Flash has been doing really well as far as story goes. I'm totally loving it. Grant Gustin is a great Barry and I'm totally in love with Dr. Harrison Wells and his shady activities. But this episode had to be the worst episode I had seen since the start. It felt like one big set up for the Flash crossover to the Arrow show the next day and left me with little f*cks to give. The first 7O% of the episode was great. It was interesting. But the last 3O% turned into...oh my God what did you do?

What happened? -

Waiting to screw up a great concept
The Flash had a new bad guy that had potential and wasted it. He was a metahuman that could tap into people's inner anger and have them freak out while he robbed banks. We didn't even get to see Arrow and Flash take him down. We just saw him imprisoned after wasting a whole lot of time trading quips, one moment of training and then a long battle between the two in the streets where he also subsequently screws up his relationship with Iris.

But guess what...we never really got enough connection between Iris and the Flash to make it even tragic that she turns against him. I know she smiles as if her panties were wet every time he zips by, but it would have been more fatal if he had a chance to kiss her and leave or at the very least, her talk about how handsome he is in passing. Why would Iris feel so betrayed so easily? He saves a ton of people. Then he screws up one time and she doesn't believe him anymore? Lame. Arrow is right. Quit her player. She isn't worth it.

Everyone Hates Arrow -

In the beginning everyone was totally like "I don't trust that dude." Then later it was like "Bro, we totally accept you. Even if your ways are totally screwed up." Did I miss a whole chunk of story here? Because I really felt like I did. So he saved everyone from Barry and that makes him cool? Hard to fight for your affections, background cast of the Flash.

Constantine: The Curse that Keeps on Giving

So Constantine had an awesome come back this week with some dark angel shit. OH YES. Angels rock. Especially evil ones. But Constantine is that lovely British train wreck of a show that is begging for a cancellation.

This Show Must be Women Repellent -

First you dump the woman we thought you were going to gallivant across the spectral world with and now you decide in the middle of the season to shuck out an episode where Zed vanishes. Come on people. Get it together already. We don't have time for you to figure out how to dig yourself out of the hole after you screwed yourself. Just fix it already.

I was SO confused why Zed was gone and why they haven't mentioned her during the episode or even called her to come join in on some ghost bustering with good ol John Constantine. Yup, they decided to switch some episodes around due to the mishap with the vanishing chick from the pilot episode and then decided to air this random episode just for shits and giggles. It would have been better if they just axed it all together.

Zed is squinting hard to find her name in the script
They redeemed themselves with the last episode with the fallen angel shit, but come on DC. Do you want a second season or not? You are totally not blowing me away with this show. In fact you are confusing the hell out of me. Besides that, John is starting to bore me. Same thing, different episode, bla bla bla. We are NO CLOSER to who the hell John Constantine is. Its also been a few eps since we heard about this child he sacrificed. There isn't much development on what that was about. We just keep hearing about it.

Whoever is on the rewrites with Constantine needs to go back to story 1O1. You are boring the shit out of me, bro with all of these loose ends. I needs me some character development.

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