Saturday, December 28, 2013

Quick Thoughts: "The Other Woman": A Venture into the Flip Side of Cheating

The Other Woman is about a woman named Emilia [Natalie Portman] that has the hots for a handsome lawyer, Jack Wolf, and then proceeds to break up his marriage [with a very angry Lisa Kudrow might I add. Yikes!]. The movie doesn't go into too much detail about the beginning except for the fact that his marriage was already falling apart. However the aftermath is really where the movie takes place.

The focus is on Emilia and her mixed emotions inside. She marries Jack under the premise she was pregnant with their child. However beautiful baby, Isabelle, dies suddenly only three days into her life and this is where the main focus takes place. Almost like a cruel punishment, Emilia's sensitivity shows any time anyone mentions anything remotely insensitive about Isabelle. Take into account crazy ex-wife berating her at every turn, an annoyingly kid that takes everything literally while complaining and sprinkle in some daddy issues; you got one hell of a drama.

Unlike most relationships that start as cheating, this one at least attempts to be a family as Emilia tries to move past her issues. I just hate seeing Natalie Portman cry with those big brown eyes. Awww. She's just so adorable when she's sad. Don't cry on screen Natalie, it gets worse before it gets better. Am I right?

But seriously... to the rest of you 'other women' out there, don't take this movie as a sign that things will get better. Apparently only 5% of marriages that start off this way actually do. So 95% of the world is against you. Unless you are Natalie Portman...then things will always get better.

Have you seen this 2OO9 flick? Tell me what you thought of it!

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DnD Quick Thoughts Rating: 8/1O

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