Sunday, May 11, 2014

Quick Thoughts: Frozen - We Don't Need No Man!

I never imagined Disney would detour from the usual "Prince saving the Damsel in Distress" formula, but its finally come to pass with Frozen. This is a movie that focused less on the guys and more on the girls, two sisters to be exact. Elsa and Anna, one sister who has snow magic and the other who is...pretty normal as far as young girls go. You know...girly, desperate, falls in love with the first man who gives her attention. Thank God that dissipated pretty quick.

Elsa seems like the responsible, sensible, worrisome type, while Anna is more carefree, irrational and fearless. There is also a host of extra characters such as Sven the Reindeer, Olaf the snowman, and Kristoff [the main good guy]. The rest of the people are not terribly important to the story in general. They are mainly antagonizers more than villains.

The story moves incredibly fast, going from little kids to dead parents, to run away Queen, etc etc. In fact, it really didn't have much of a story in general that went too deep. Which I think for a kids movie is appropriate considering the attention spans of the audience. Its cute to say the least and teaches a pretty decent lesson, you really don't need a guy to save you nor be happy, but its nice when the right one is there. So I give a thumbs up to Disney for that.

There were a few things I was really curious about though. How did Elsa get her powers? There was no one else like her and her parents obviously didn't share the same traits, so how did she get them? What in the world created those rock people? And how did Kristoff and Sven survive so long with them? Why were they with the ice cutters in the first place? And if they belonged to none of those guys, how did they survive in the ice cutting business?

Also...I was confused at how everyone was totally surprised with Elsa's gifts considering the staff that got cut had to have talked about it at some point. But I guess these aren't really concerns in a kids movie. The last is Elsa's powers. She mainly creates ice and snow, but apparently she can also create clothes, create life and build things? That was different, but OK. Also she seemed SUPER surprised at Olaf considering Olaf couldn't possibly have existed without her. So did she create Olaf when they were children and he ran away when they rushed out to save Anna? Or did she make a snowman in memory of her sister, walked away, and it came to life?

I think the worst of this was all the singing. I forgot Disney movies were about the soundtrack. Ive been spoiled by Pixar and Dreamworks for way too long. Every time they sang I couldn't help, but to think of this honest trailer:


Have you seen the hit movie, Frozen? What did you think of it?

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DnD Quick Thoughts Rating: 7/1O [because of the singing]

Netflix Streamable? Nope. Too popular.

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