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Constantine's Back! - The Saint of Last Resorts Part 2

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

He has seen better days...
Remember when the nun shot him so that the freak show that was lurking around could get started gnawing on his dying corpse while she saves the baby? Yeah. That shit was crazy! We begin the show with John making a sacrifice of allowing Pazuzu, a demon king, to enter his body to protect him from the creature in the sewers and heal him up instantly. This really pisses off his angel boy, Manny, and he makes sure to tell him so before he abandons him. Constantine is healed, but now he is at risk of being completely possessed and his soul possessing a one way ticket to Hell. Man, this is getting good and its barely a few minutes in!

We also see Zed escape her captor from whatever cult they originated from and drive off. Go Zed! This was a scenario that was happening at the house away from John's mission helping the nun [his former ex-lover] with a baby kidnapping crisis. Apparently Zed's father REALLY wants her to come back home. Talk about a possessive parent.

Now its just a race against the clock as Constantine loses control of his body to the evil demon and goes off on a killing spree of some Mexican gang members. I mean its probably better off they are dead, but did he have to cause a massacre before he fell unconscious? Couldn't la demon get away first and then fall unconscious? This demon is very flashy in his murder spree. The situation sounds like a whole lot of suck for John. One kind of wonders if the forces of good will forgive him for trying to save himself through such unsavory means. But its John Constantine we are talking about, I'm sure heaven will get over it. They still need him, even if he is a bastard.

So John gets caught by the police and is taken in, ragged bloody clothes and all to prison. And all I could think about is, why march him through the prison yard? Is that standard? That doesn't look standard.

This looks like the most ghetto exorcism ever.
Me thinks this isn't much of a prison and if I were those prisoners, I don't really care how hard I was, that white guy looks like a freaken maniac with all of that blood on him. I would stay far...far...FAR away from him. The fact that people are already giving him shit means they are just asking for a colossal sized beat down by an angry demon. And what kind of prison lets prisoners keep their regular clothes on? This is the most relaxed prison ever. Either that or they are in a different country.

So Zed meets up with Chaz and they go look for Constantine to try to get to him before the demon completely possesses his body. I don't remember where the hell the are located at, but it looks like a highly populated Mexican area [I later figured out he went to Mexico, not sure why I forgot that detail. I think it was the "everyone here speaks English" thing TV likes to do]. So it should be easy to find one VERY blond British guy, right? Apparently not so. So off they go to see the nun that shot him since she is the only one capable of locating him as demonstrated in the last episode. By the way Zed was talking, I was hoping for a female cat fight, but nope, civility rules here. I guess that is cool too.

John attempts to find the items needed to do an exorcism at the prison with little luck. Apparently this prison has a crappy chapel too. After much searching, he  is cornered by some Mexican gang members that were part of the same group that he killed earlier. Revenge killing time, puto! Yeaaaah..that didn't go well for them I imagined. I would hate to be John right now, waking up in random places thinking. "Oh shit what did I do now?" But on a positive note, everyone thinks he is El Diablo reincarnated, so man, they scrambled quick we told them to bugger off. Haha.

What do you mean the Cowboys aren't in the play offs?
So Chaz and the gang managed to get to John and attempted to perform the exorcism when they were interrupted by a weaker demon that was trying to kill Constantine, but realized his possession could work to their advantage. After a short battle, they wasted the knife on the trickster demon and now have to find a different way to get the Pazuzu out of John.

They dosed him up with enough heroin from the prison yard to kill an elephant to slow the possession and get him back to the house. From there they went through one of the most intense exorcism rituals of the show to get this evil creature out. It was pretty cool, but not as amazing as Ethan's exorcism of Ms. Ives in Penny Dreadful, which was incredibly intense. However that was drawn out much longer than in the show, Constantine that needs to stick to a consistent schedule of wrapping up the storyline each episode. So it was still pretty cool for the limited time they had.

Overall everyone basically does a verbal high five and the nun takes her leave. Now we know Zed has a crazy father, Chaz is still at John's side, John is still alive and possession free and apparently Manny, the angel, did forgive him in the end. Sort of. It was a pretty good come back episode and I hope the show remains consistent from now on. Constantine had a very rocky start, but I am glad it has shifted into a more stable series. Lets hope that is enough for it to survive into another season.

What did you think of the return of Constantine? Comment below! 

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