Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Flash Streaks Back!

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

With the crazy ending of the mid-season finale, The Flash starts off with Barry admitting he isn't the fastest man alive and is trying to improve his speed to battle the reverse flash. Of course since we all know Dr. Wells has something to do with this madness, he is looking smugger than ever. Was he about to blow his cover as Barry was about to possibly die? This guy really wants Barry to be alive and we still have no idea why.

Meanwhile the criminal, Snart, known as Captain Cold is still loose doing his usual job of breaking into things and being evil. So long story short, Barry has to choose between chasing Captain Cold or training for the Reverse Flash while Iris is moving in with Eddie and Dr. Wells is being his awesome shady self. Yup, it's getting serious up in here folks and Barry is determined to find out who that rat bastard of a runner is that is placing him second. Oh! Oh! Maybe he could call in Mcfarland to coach him in running. He coached those poor kids into champions, so teaching Barry should be a snap!

While this was a fun come back, I'm really feeling like these CW midseason premieres aren't hitting me as hard as I would like them to. They are all luke warm so far and while that isn't necessarily bad, it hasn't gotten me that excited just yet. Although I DID hear that toward the end of the season we WILL be getting intimate with time traveling within the series. Which is awesome!

The Come Back Blues:

1. Beanie in the House:

Yeah we are onto you Wells...
So Joe is wearing his beanie with his suit. Is this normal inside wear? I mean I can understand if he was outside and he had a jacket on, but that beanie was just very distracting since it was odd of him to be wearing it inside. I don't know, it just didn't look like it belonged there.

2. The Roll Away:

I love Dr. Well's shady roll aways after he has been questioned. It cracks me up. Smug asshole.

3. The Captain is Corny:

He has a heck of a lot of corny lines, I'm not sure I am thrilled that he is our come back bad guy. I also feel Snart and his buddy are like Lenny and George from the Grapes of Wrath or Pinky and the Brain. Definitely more Pinky and the Brain though. They are considerably cartoony. I feel they would be better off with a giant mallet.

4. WTF!:

They burned the 25 million dollar painting! Holy shit. You could have just ran off into the sunset, but instead you destroyed it. This is a perfect example of one in the hand is worth two in the bush. They didn't have to take out the The Flash so they could run the city. It would have been better if they just sold off the painting and walked away clean. Heatwave guy is right...Cold was an idiot.

5. Why is Cold and Heatwave not dead as doorknobs?:

Do the police have guns? I feel the police forget their guns when The Flash is around. DUDE. They are standing around barely making it difficult as moving targets while they are trying to hit the Flash. USE YOUR GUNS and unload an entire clip into these assholes. There are 16 of you guys and only 2 of them. Get on with it. I hated how they just took them to prison instead. BLAH. BLAH I SAY!

Its dweedle dee and dweedle dum.
6. Walk of Shame:

I've never been arrested before...but is it standard protocol to just have dangerous criminals trot through a station to get charged? That just seems awkward in itself. You would think the processing station would be in front of the station so you could keep criminals away from being in the thick of the cop den. I could be wrong though.

7. So About that One Time:

I guess Eddie forgives the Flash for being a mega douche that one time? Glad they are friends again I guess.

8. How did Barry Live?:

At the end he moves back in with Joe with a couple bags from his apartment. Did this kid have no furniture at all? Where did he sleep? He is out of college so he probably doesn't have a dorm room. Oh wonder he doesn't have a girlfriend.

Overall, it wasn't a bad come back episode. Could it have been better? I think so. The most interesting thing was finding out a little more about Ronnie, however we are a long way of getting more of him in the picture again. Personally I would be dying to see the Reverse Flash again as I can't stand Captain Cold and his buddy. The fact that they let them escape is just annoying. Just shoot them. It would be a lot easier for everyone.

What were your favorite parts about the Flash mid-season premiere?

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DnD Episode Rating: 7/1O

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