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Weekly Wrap Up Feb 2-15 2O15: Sleepy Hollow, Gotham, The Flash, Constantine

Episode 16: What Lies Beneath - Is a waste of plot progression


Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.


Three guys with hard hats and flash lights are in a spooky tunnel. They look like construction workers of some sort, maybe specialist. Walking around, they managed to find a hidden path. Two are black, one is white. After discovering some creepy hole nonsense, you know the black guy gives the white guy a look like "I've seen this shit in a movie before, we are about to die" But the first guy goes in anyway and like the bros they are, they follow to back him up.

The Douchey Mcdouche of journalists
Yup, its official. Black people have now joined the ranks of stupid white teenagers in most preventable deaths in horror scenarios. And we just thought you were the first to die in action movies, you totally expanded your territory. Good job!

So a few men are missing and its time for our witnesses to investigate! Since the rest of the Sleepy Hollow PD is useless in anything that is a normal case scenario. They go into the "impenetrable fortress" and get ganged up on by a million demons. Meanwhile, as they escape the hole, the journalist that Abby met earlier, sneakies up and takes pictures of their escape. Abb, please kick him in the nuts. ARE YOU SERIOUS? PEOPLE ARE IN DANGER. PUT THE CAMERA DOWN YOU POS!!!!

This guy infuriates me. He not only follows them down the tunnel like a dickweed, he decided threatening them with press action is the next best option when they don't want him to join them in their reindeer games. On top of this, Abby lets this moron join the crew after a split second decision of not talking this out with her partner in crime. Just shoot him in the face and get it over with. Augh.

Meanwhile, Frank is being all shady on Jenny, trying to get her to steal his wedding ring back, but she knows whats up. Something is wrong and she only agrees to find out what he is really up to. She figures it out and calls Frank on his bullshit, but he manages to escape. Should have shot him in the leg, Jenny! She catches up and they battle it out. He convinces her that there is another evil soul trapped in him that is controlling his actions and he doesn't have a lot of time left to be himself. He makes a pretty convincing case to her and finds the information he needs to give money to his family due to the fact that he knows that he will not be able to provide for them and is about to lose himself in evil Frank. Sad.

Where the hell did this took place? That isn't the liberty bell.
The best part of this episode is when Ichabod destroys Calvin's $7,OOO camera. YES. You deserve it douche face. So the witnesses go back into the tunnel filled with America's Next Top Models and take a few out to get into the inner chamber. Low and behold, they see my man, Thomas Jefferson, just chillin inside. Apparently the Crane family are not the only ones that are 2OO years old. Well we end up finding out its only a supernatural hologram and even though its cool, the spirit is not helping them in their feeble mission to save the lost men, but he is more serving the bigger picture.

So Jefferson explains to them they got a whole library of stuff they could have used oh...the first two seasons of this show and that its important that this place must stand even though they are trying to save the men. Of course as witnesses..they can't possibly leave the men there. What kind of people would they be? So they save the remaining two and choose the people over knowledge. Jefferson is disappointed, but he agrees to the destruction of his super fortress and the knowledge he's been holding for years. And we also learn that Calvin has no concept between an email and a text. I HATE YOU CALVIN. I hope you get eaten by the chupacabra!

What is Wrong in Sleepy Hollow:

1. Even Abby is questioning the plot - 

"I feel we are fighting evil now without an end game." FINALLY! Something I agree with. YES, is the end game? Even the characters know we are all scratching our heads in confusion.
Wait til Jefferson finds out a black man is currently president.

2. All you old American people look the same -

So did anyone think Thomas Jefferson looked pretty similar to Abraham? For a moment I couldn't tell between them. I really don't think the actor looked that much like Thomas Jefferson. Also...WHERE IS ABRAHAM? We know he is still out there.

3. Who was recording the kidnapping? - 

Seriously? They got video of this thing? Who the hell did that? And why were they recording this manhole onslaught while everyone was being taken? That's insane. What a douche.

4.  Abby...listen to the 2OO year old man -

No. Oh God, no Abby. Why did you let this journalist hang out with your spook crew? His plight isn't convincing at all. In fact, he is severely pissing me off. Look buddy, you want answers? Stay the hell out of everyone's way. Nobody wants to save your ass because you just realized you are in way over your head.

5. Nobody has changed the code since Frank's time? - 

Isn't it procedure to change a lock code when people permanently leave a facility? Especially in the special case of Frank Irving, the man who supposedly got off on a double homicide? Why would they keep the code the same? Is this a case of lazy cops?

So these aren't demons? Are they at least crab people?
6.  Protectors?-

So those creatures are supposed to protect the area, but if Jefferson's image was waiting for the witnesses the entire time, when did that get added to the plan? If the Witnesses were supposed to find this place, shouldn't the creatures be instructed not to attack them?

Who thought it was a great idea to put a whole army of freaks down there so it would be almost impossible for even the right people to get to the information alive? Don't they have BOLOs for witnesses so that 2OO years later they can be referred back to the description and let them pass through?

So finally we get a Ichabod and Abby centric episode and a break from the Crane family drama. I know the ending still had to include a little Katrina in it [augh], but at least she had nothing to do with the plot this time. Although I have to say the whole plot was very wasteful as far as movement. They didn't gain any ground at all. I was wondering why Ichabod couldn't have just asked which material was the most important and took that with him as he bailed out of the tunnel. I also don't understand why Abby couldn't take a few too? Hey guys, here is some SUPER IMPORTANT stuff for you. Oh you want to just blow it up? K....not like I've been waiting 2OO years to give this to you. Ungrateful.

DnD Episode Rating: 5/1O


Episode 15: The Scarecrow - Nothing new to see here, move along.

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

That is the "Oh shit, I can't control her" face
So we continue with Jim's dating life when "surprise!" his girlfriend decided to take the medical examiner position at the Gotham City Police Department. Oh he can see her all the time. What? That isn't cool? Oh well. You are stuck with her now. You better do good Jim or she will ruin your career. ha.

Meanwhile the Penguin is preparing for the reopening of Fish's old place under his name and is begging for protection against Don Maroni, Fish is trying to survive in some underground lair with a bunch of thugs, and Jim is trying to solve the case of crazy adrenaline man from the last episode.

Also we get more of Master Bruce trying to move on and live his life. He goes hiking in the woods in tradition of what him and his father use to do. However he goes alone and gets frustrated by his parent's death. From there he tumbles off of a hill and sprains his ankle. Crawling his way back up the hill, he manages to make it to find Alfred, who got worried and went out to look for him, waiting for him on top. After pouting for a brief moment, they decide to wait for the sun to come up, sharing a bonding moment.

So this episode is really a medley of everything including the Scarecrow origin story. So we all realize after a while that his father is one psycho dude as he keeps pumping his kid full of adrenaline. He gives him a bit too much before he dies and the kid convulses. Now he permanently is in fear and sees an evil scarecrow stalking him everywhere he goes. That sounds like it sucks. Thanks pops for ruining my entire life. No biggie.

Awww, its like they are father and son
Darkness Only Gotham Knows:

1. Where is the security detail for this kid?-

You are just going to let him walk outside alone, Alfred??? Haven't you ever heard of kidnapping? It has the word "kid" right in the name. There should be a whole army out there with him with the way things have been going lately. Its not like the Wayne estate is running out of money any time soon, but you could be out of a job if he dies.

2. Why are they living in this house?-

Does Dr. Crane and his son have another place of residence, because how are they just living in this burned down home? Are they squatting? Does he just get his kid fast food every day? His father is so obsessed with fear that he probably isn't doing anything related to fatherhood.

3. Stranger-

Why is Jim avoiding his girlfriend? He kissed her in front of everyone at the station. Its not like nobody knew they were dating before she got hired. Not sure what his issue is besides him showing his feelings.

Is the Riddler smirking?
The whole Penguin getting possibly murdered plotline is getting a bit old. I hope they move from it soon since he is a weak character in a weak position right now. Can't Oswald hire some thugs to protect him? Why isn't his detail protecting him more? It makes no sense half the time. If you are in a decent position then you should have security.

Due to his personality though, it seems he is not very cautious on how he plays the game in this city. Fish was way more careful than that. Maybe she should have strangled him herself, because he is not really producing anymore interesting moments at this time. I would say the best scene is between him and Nygma. It was almost like you were seeing a stand off between the Riddler and the Penguin in the future. I can't wait for both of these characters to evolve in their full form. Sweet.

DnD Episode Rating: 5/1O


Episode 13: The Nuclear Man - Crime Fighting, Lady Slaying Machine

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

I got this single flower to not show how desperate I am.
I love Barry having a girl to finally hang out with besides moping after Iris for so long. You can see a pep in his step and he's so excited. You can also see how hella jealous Iris is. She's totally like. "You can't like another girl while I like another man! You were my back up plan."

Meanwhile Caitlin and Dr. Wells is looking for Ronnie while Cisco is helping Joe look for some evidence back at the crime scene of the Allen's old family home. Barry gets a second date with his new girl which quickly turns into sex and....did he just vibrate? Geesus is this guy perfect or what? He's a geek, he's sweet, he's fast and he can vibrate? Come on. Now you are just making all the men look bad.

So after Barry leaves in the middle of sexy time on an emergency to save Dr. Wells and Caitlin from Firestorm, he comes back to a teed off girlfriend. That's your fault Barry. You never leave a girl when she is turned on. That is just bad manners. Eventually Iris attempts to cock block because NOBODY DATES MY BARRY ALLEN! OF course he ends up finding out Iris is being lame and has to dish the talk to her. She seems irritated that he had to point out that he isn't into her like that anymore. Way to stick it to her Barry! Move on, woman. You got a guy.

So back to Ronnie/Firestorm/Dr. Stein who is now in the hands of Star Labs as they are trying to separate both men out of the same body. That sounds...scary. They want to run some tests and make sure they won't kill both in the process. However Ronnie's temperature is rising and soon he may go nuclear if they don't separate the two identities fast.

Joe, Dr. Wells is the shady one in this series. Stop it!
During this time, Cisco is helping Joe with his investigation and they find a mirror in the original home of Barry Allen that theoretically could have acted like a camera due to the lightening sparks of the murder event. A lot of gizmo speak later, they got 3D graphical evidence of the scene from several years ago and an indication of blood being spilled on the walls behind new wallpaper.

After Cisco gets excited with their findings, Joe asks for him to run a matching process on Dr. Wells and his DNA. Cisco gets upset and tells him he won't help him incriminate Dr. Wells and leaves. I don't know why Joe bothered to ask. He could have probably figured it out any way without asking at all. Way to blow your cover, Joe.

So Cisco ends up running the blood and we find out adult Barry was there that night. SPEED FORCE CONFIRMED!!! But we already suspected Barry was there that night...and now we know Dr. Wells wasn't there....and he isn't future Barry. Unless Cisco never ran it against his blood, but we assume he did. So who is Dr. Wells? He isn't the reverse flash either....or at least not the one we saw in the midseason finale. But what we do know is he IS another speedster. He could be Wally or a descendent of Barry.

Also the ending was total sadness. When they attempted to fix Ronnie with the splicer, he still dies. I figured this was going to be the case any way. Caitlin is going to have a bad day.

A Lightening Round of Thoughts:

Mmmm spicy chili vomit.
1. Ghost Pepper-

I know Barry's metabolism is fast, but seriously there is no way he could just chew a ghost pepper and drink milk and be OK. Also...that is way too big to be a ghost pepper. Also...kissing him after he ate a pepper and threw up probably is not the best idea. But I guess he earned it...

2. Quantum Splicer-

We all know Wells is shady as hell, but the fact that he sacrifices his progress to return back to his future time for his friends is pretty noble. I just wonder to what end is he trying to gain? Did he purposely use the device as a ploy to keep Caitlin's trust knowing this device would kill him any way? I mean who can build a splicer that fast? I don't care how smart these guys are...there is just no way they could do that in ten minutes.

3. So..the chip is gone-

There are so many damn questions on this show! We learn one question, we get eight more. What the heck does that chip do? How long will it take for him to go back into the speed force? And why did he decide to stall his return by using the chip? Is he trying to prevent a future Killer Frost scenario? Or did he know all along Ronnie was doomed, but decided to pretend like he cared to show Caitlin he was a good guy seeing his suggestion of shooting Ronnie was not an option?

4. Barry Simple-

Caitlin shares her nerdy valentine gift to her sort of husband
Caitlin seriously could have just said. "No I want to see Ronnie. Screw you, I'm going any way." She didn't have to say "its too complicated, I have to go." lol. She just pushed a button. How hard is that shit? Sometimes they treat Barry like he is an idiot. Barry is far from an idiot.

5. You can't outrun a nuclear blast, Barry!-

Anyone else thought that this was preempted into nothing? If Barry can out run a blast, can he now outrun the Reverse Flash? Also Caitlin sure risked a lot to see Ronnie one last time. are a whole lot of trouble.

6. Dead puppies - 

Hahahahaha. Is Cisco telling him not to finish too fast? XD I'm dying over here.

You know what I love about this show? Is the fact that they don't drag shit out. Things get done and they use every second to make it count. We get to see little snippets of Grodd or Dr. Wells being shady or military man or whoever. Love affairs are dragged out for ages, they just move quickly. Its like these characters act like freaken adults. Even with the flaws, they still are better off than most shows I have seen these days. Another hit for the Flash. Can't wait for next time. 

DnD Episode Rating: 9/1O 


Episode 13: Waiting for the Man - And this is the end folks. But wait...lets make you even more mad this show got cancelled!

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.


Is it me or are the sister wives pretty creepy? Hey pretty girl, you want to get married? You can totally do that with us. We aren't creepy at all just being out here alone with you. Your throat needs to be slashed/branded, but then we are totally bonded forever. On top of that they are lead by a perverted older man that seems to enjoy underage wife collecting as a hobby. Oh and murdering cops. Also he looks like an evil Ernest.

You are a terrible bounty hunter.
John and Zed go to investigate the missing girl with an investigator friend, knowing some supernatural shit is going on. They go to a tomb to pull out a body and check for markings or information. That is when John gets a warning from the dead body about a bounty on his head and Zed gets a vision of a dead investigator. Yup. That sounds like loads of fun. While all of this is happening, the girl that was kidnapped is being corralled by the other three girls inside the satanic home. Yay.

So Papa Midnite knows about the bounty and wants to collect it by creating a voodoo zombie to do his biding. He is seen with a man who killed his wife and is pleading for the Midnite to forgive him and his evil ways. Papa Midnite was totally like "hell no" and kills him, casting a voodoo spell on his body. He uses the new vessel to go after John.

But why wait for John in the fun house? He could have attacked him at any time and besides that, how did he know he was going to be there? It seemed odd that Papa Midnite knew exactly where he would be or if he decided to wait there all night for him to arrive. After a huge fight between John and Zombie man; they gun the sucker down and Zed manages to have a vision of where the missing girl is located at. But that is not the end of John's bounty. He is forced to face his good ol, Voodoo buddy again and manages to get away enough to go help save the kidnapped girl from certain doom.

This ending was pretty sinister and cool in a sense. They let the murdering satanist sister wife loving asshole run so they can shoot him. John painfully sees the detective get sweet on his partner, Zed, which we all know he is probably quite attached to by now. And while talking to Manny, he asks the very important question of what happens to him once he has driven every evil creature back. Where would he go then? A lost purpose is sometimes a man's worst fear. Great ending point. But hot damn, those last few seconds were a total script flipper! SWEET. So we are getting another season right? No? Well shit.

Bloody Hell:

1. didn't try to run?-

She had a boarded up window in her room. I would have tried to kick the boards out to escape immediately or at least tried to escape out of one of the doors. I wouldn't be wandering around slowly trying to reorient myself. Teenage girls, man. No wonder they die so easily in horror movies. She finally tries to escape toward the end of the episode, but damn, she could have been gone a while ago.

2. No weapon?-

You got a voodoo zombie and you didn't even bother to provide him with a weapon? This would have been over with in a few seconds if you had armed him with a knife at least. You bad guys really suck at your job.

3. They never explained the properties of the branding-

I was hoping to know more about the branding irons, what they do, and where he might have gotten them from. They kind of just glossed over it for action.
This looks like the "I don't have an answer" face.

4. To what end is the angel being sweet to Zed?-

Manny had never appeared to anyone, but John Constantine and now he is showing himself to Zed. He is a bit creepy in how he does it though. He acts like he is a nice person with some kind of ulterior motive.

5. Wait, what?-

The evil work for him? Why the hell is he telling John to kill them off then? Dude. Where are your black wings? Why aren't you fallen? Damn it. What the hell. You can't do this to us!

So this looks like that's it folks. The show ends on a cliffhanger, never to be finished off. I am not sure why the people producing this ended it like that knowing that its probably going to be messy ending it on a cliff hanger. In truth, this episode could have been way better. It was really the last few minutes that made it worth anything at all, but the random missing partners deal is really starting to bother me. This show has been mangled with confusing entrances and temporary exits of main characters that it almost never makes sense.

DnD Episode Rating: 6/1O

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