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Weekly Wrap Up Feb 2-8 2O15: Sleepy Hollow, Gotham, The Flash, Constantine

Episode 15: Spellcaster - If I could be anymore bored...


Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.


She is just as uninterested as I am.
Does it feel like Sleepy Hollow is another extension of Constantine? I feel like they start out the same way. Shit happens, some creepy demon is running around, heroes go and stop it, demon stopped, victory dance occurs. Its no wonder Constantine has a problem with ratings. I felt these shows were distinctly different at first. Now they are virtually the same and Sleepy has just got better roots in its turf, but Im really starting to feel these stories the past few episodes are aimless as hell and just the writer's form of stalling.

So we finally get to find out that Jeremy is still alive. Wasn't he supposed to be dead? So what exactly is he waiting for? I guess he was throwing himself a pity party or waiting for his lap dog to come back with something useful. So any way, the story is about some crazy spellcaster dude that is responsible for the Salem Witch Trials.

Oh yay, here we go again. Lets chase after this guy and see what happens. Oh no, its all impending doom. Every evil soul will be released! You know, this show is really starting to wear on me. Not everyone should be about impending doom and I would like some of these episodes to connect more with each other instead of just going through the motions.

The only good part was the connection between Jeremy and the motel owner's son. That was pretty cool and I really liked the look on his face as he admired the boy. It was the first I've seen him smile out of something good that was happening, a real connection to humanity. We also get a twist at the end with Captain Irving. That was pretty cool.

Banana Phone!
Too bad these moments are so fleeting. I am getting so bored of these episodes. They started a few new threads of interest, but I dislike the Katrina character so much I could care less what is going on with her. I also find Jeremy's plot just as uninteresting, although the actor is very good and makes the show more tolerable.

What is Wrong in Sleepy Hollow:

1. Freeze! - 

This guy must have said stop eight times. The perpetrator even pulls out a knife right in front o fhim. What other evidence do you need to shoot the creep? Just shoot him! No wonder museum guards get no respect.

2. Solomon has Some Great Abs - 

Yes I said it. The dude is ripped. Why are all bad guys ripped in the Sleepy Hollow world? Are they the only people that believe in the gym? Are all bad guys really Dude Bros at heart?

You need a new graphics card, firey hand of doom
3.  CGI Doom Style? -

That CGI of the fire hand coming out of the book was reminiscent of DOOM 2. Ewww. Did they run out of money or something? That was just...weak.

4. Augh - 

Katrina your acting is whack. I giggle at your dramatics. Who hired this woman? I'm just not feeling it. In fact, I'm not feeling this whole episode.

5. A Good Win? - 

They seriously just let that one go? If I were them, I would be so suspicious of an easy win. Like...that's it? You sure? Also whatever happened to headless and getting him back to normal? Did we just forget about that side plot? There are a bunch of side plots that just fell into oblivion.

Frank, you dirty dog you.
Overall I saw Sleepy Hollow is losing me a lot. It had lost its sense of purpose since Molloch died and has been wandering aimlessly through the paranormal landscape. I find that the episodes are starting to represent Once Upon a Time, where they will do ANYTHING to keep the show going and people interested.

But Crane is no longer new and therefore his cute quips about our current century are lessening and his wife is not nearly as curious, nor as funny. I do miss Hawley though. He did add a bit of renegade flair to the group and now that he is gone, the boring has clicked on hard. The duo aren't as tight as they use to be and everyone else is just bland. They better resurrect this fast.

DnD Episode Rating: 3/1O


Episode 14: The Fearsome Dr. Crane [And his Doritos loving son]

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.


Next time on Cops. Sitting and standing.
There was a helluva lot of shit going on in this episode. The Penguin gets pwned, Harvey gets sweet on a cute lass, Jim is struggling to resurrect his love life after Miss Useless Model walked out the door, Fish is heading out to sea [hehehehe, I didn't realize I made a funny], Bruce goes off on his own, and Nygma frames the medical examiner. Phew! What an episode!

The cool thing about this one is we get to meet the Scarecrow's father and the future little crow himself! Man that kid was so confused like. "Dad, I ran out of the meter is out, I don't know what to do. OMG we are breaking the parking laws!" Even though he had some reservations about drowning a woman, he was not exactly stopping good ol pops from doing so. Poor kid. Caught in-between a rock and a hard place.

What I see here is a lot of slicing and dicing of everyone and yet this episode really spent most of its resources and time on Jim and the Penguin. We all know Oswald is a conniving little shit, but he certainly digivolved into Epic Mobster Houdini with that stunt he pulled at the yard. Cobblepot must have 9 lives because this guy keeps getting out of dying some how.

Hope you like burlap sacks in the future, little crane.
Now two people want this guy dead and yet he STILL wants to go back to Gotham. He must have a screw loose because he is going to have to get a lot of people killed before he can rest assure that they won't come back to beat his skinny little butt into oblivion.

Meanwhile Jim is dealing with dating [she's a cute doctor, don't screw it up blondie], trying to solve cases [as usual], and is pretty bummed about losing the Wayne case. Who can blame little Bruce? Justice still has not been served and I have to agree that we are not even an inch closer to who killed the Waynes. If I were him, I would...totally become Batman instead.

Darkness Only Gotham Knows:

DAAAWWWWW. He's so menacing with his baby pig.
1. Pigs?

That victim's fear was pigs? THAT CUTE LITTLE OINKER? But that's babe! That's where candy bacon comes from. CANDY BACON. You can't be scared of pigs. They are adorable and delicious.

2. Coincidence City

So all of these slim leads just lead you right to the crime huh? Yup? Ok then.

3. Jim is a Terrible Dater

Hey hot doctor, lets go out to dinner so you could take a look at these pictures I have of a corpse. GEEZ Jim. At least buy her a drink before you lay it on thick like that. You are lucky she is into you because you got a weird way of getting people to go out with you. But I can't fault the guy, he's trying and his fail is kind of adorable.

4. Adrenaline Glands - 

Sooo...I don't get why the doctor was stealing adrenaline glands. Is this a Bane reference?

Baby, Ive been gay for you this entire season.
5. You Done Screwed Up Penguin - 

Who takes a gun from some one's bags and doesn't check it for bullets? That was your fail Penguin, you should have known better. Besides that, you are not a killer. You don't like getting your hands dirty. What are you doing pulling a gun on a long term, established mobster? Shame on you.


Holy shit Jim! There was a small window. You could have shot Crane through the window! *shakes head*

To wrap up this short venture into the comic drama, I would have to say this episode was OK. It wasn't blow my mind awesome, but it wasn't bad either. I'm kind of getting annoyed that they use these bad guys as a back drop for whatever issue they are dealing with in regular life. I want these baddies to count more in the overall scheme of things. These random psychos are just not really that much fun. Are we ever going to get back to the Wayne murders? I sure hope so.

DnD Episode Rating: 6/1O


Episode 12: Crazy For You - Barry now has a love life!

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

Sure glad she found a wrench for this battle...
I love those moments between Barry and his father, they are so sweet and genuine. Grant Gustin is a great actor. You could see the emotions in his eyes light up when he sees his father. All of the fatherly scenes, whether its with Joe or with his "real father" are sweet and make these episodes that much better. I couldn't have picked another Flash for this. He is perfect.

So onto the review! The episode's baddy is a hot young girl that can teleport. Pretty nifty trick and a challenge for our great hero. Meanwhile, we got Cisco doing the good intentions thing which we all know is going to back fire on him, Barry is still frustrated at being still in love with Iris and Caitlyn is trying to prove she isn't a boring, stay at home woman wearing mom jeans.

Big battle ensues bla bla bla. You know the deal. Score another one for Flash. But lets be honest here, did she need to go into the villainous dungeon of solitude? She wasn't that bad of a girl. Misguided maybe, but I just think this was an instant that the villain could have been persuaded to do something else with their powers. I feel like they aren't giving some of these metahumans a chance. There has to be more good metahumans out there, why aren't we finding them?

Hi, I'm the future jealous bitch ex-girlfriend. Nice to meet you.
The biggest part about this episode was the ending. Two emotions. One - Oh shit, look at Iris's reaction when Barry moved on! Hell ya! Pound it, bro! The second - Oh man, tears. His father realizes he is the Flash and he is basically telling him how proud he is and to be careful. I just totally broke down. It was the best scene in the episode. The writing and acting of this show is admittedly the best in the comic world today. The feels you get are very touching and genuine. Its lovely.

What I really love most is the distinguishing looks Barry gives his father compared to Joe. With his father, he has a look of innocence and child like adoration. Almost as if he was stuck in the past and never grew up, admiring the father he had lost. With Joe, he has a more warm, friendly, frank relationship. Like he knows he is the man who raised him, but you could tell his eyes don't light up like they do with his father, Henry. Its really cool to see these differences in the show. His eyes and expressions read so well that you can tell what is going on without any dialogue.

A Lightening Round of Thoughts:

1. Around the Corner:

So its been established if teleport chick can't see where she is going, she can't teleport. Fine by me, but did she just break this rule when she teleported to the car with the money bags? Her boy toy had to go AROUND the corner to help her. Meaning she wasn't looking then. Fail, people. Fail.

2. Summer Lovin:

I LOVED this part of the episode. Duets have been popular lately and they are all so adorable, but we all know Grant Gustin can sing since he was on Glee. It was awesome how he just blew it out of the park. It was a great nod to his role as Sebastian, the leader of the Warblers. I love the tease afterward about Caitlyn's drunken night, it got a chuckle out of me.

3. Fast teleporting:

There is NO way she is faster teleporting than he is moving! NO way!!! He could catch her easily in the beginning. You are telling me he can't anticipate where she is going?

4. Ohhh...That is so Awkward:

There is a scene where Caitlyn and Barry had a moment. I was totally reading this weird vibe like, I think Caitlyn likes Barry. Buuuut I don't think he feels the same way. That hurt. I'm so sorry Caitlyn, I know that stung, bad. Metahumans...what a bunch of jerks.

5. Who loves Cisco? I love Cisco:

McNerdiness has left the building
Cisco is the stereotypical guy with good intentions. He makes so many mistakes, but man, he is such a genuine guy and you can't help, but to forgive him. Even if he does let one of the smartest bad guys ever known to their universe loose to plot his revenge. Too bad he is such a nerd that its probably hard for him to get a girl. We need to get Cisco a girl, am I right? Felicity? I know you got to have some room for the Cisco. Yes you do.

6. Dr. Wells Knows:

How the hell does he know every time someone makes a boo boo around this joint? I can't say anyone would gladly admit they make mistakes, but shit. He always knows. Its like...its like he is from the future.

These episodes keep getting better and better. Even though the baddies are generally boring, there is a lot of charm with the characters. The connection and relationship between everyone on the show is my personal favorite and I can't wait for the next episode!

DnD Episode Rating: 9/1O


Episode 12: Angels and Ministers of Grace - Even Angels Can Get that Lovin Feeling.

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.


Look at the dashing paranormal couple.

Last week I skipped this, mostly because my internet in this location is SO MUCH FUN. Not that last week wasn't great and all. It was a creepy murder house episode, but the gang is back this week and trying to solve a peculiar case of overdose. Poor Chaz is the key to get them into the hospital and close enough to black veins girl to see what is up. A screwdriver in his thigh? about taking one for the team. That looked brutal when he ripped it out. Ouch.

So Zed gets another seizure [she had one a couple episodes ago] and they find out she has a tumor. Removing the tumor could remove her ability to have visions. Tough call. John is so angry that he accuses his angel buddy for knowing all along and traps him on Earth in a body until he helps him save Zed and fixes the situation. I can totally emphasize with him. What is the point of having an angel following you if they aren't doing anything to help you? I know immortals are not supposed to interfere with mortal business, but dude, if you are going to just tag along, at least help a brother out every now and then.

This is the face of a man who had enough of your shit.
So they figure out who the killer is and chase after him, but he traps them in a fenced off area and they squabble around like a group of frightened chickens. Then, bam, they figure out Zed's vision in the beginning of the episode and release Manny [the angel] from his prison inside the host body. Manny was able to do his pimp angel moves and take the killer/doctor away, saving everyone. Hey, he finally did something! Good job, Manny. You are finally useful for a change.

The ending was definitely one of the best in this show so far. Constantine being open shows character progression and it was cool that Zed can see Manny now. Its a shame they will likely not be renewing this series, but I can't really blame them. The people who created this series mismanaged this show the entire season and now Sleepy Hollow seems like it has fallen in the exact same vibe and will probably steam roll over it, making it harder to compete. I didn't expect the show to have its moments, but it did and we just got to enjoy what is left of it.

Bloody Hell:

1. How much shit does he have in his pockets?:

John just whips out a can of Hades air. How long does he know what items he will need at certain points? Does he have a whole apothecary in there or something?

Here let me show you...very closely...had to do it.
2. Only sex fiends become doctors:

It seems an age old tale, horny doctor meets hot nurse, hot nurse meets horny doctor, they have sex in the storage room. I wonder how many times this happens a day? I know the job is stressful, but how often do doctors and nurses have sexual relationships? How often do they end up marrying each other? This is a question I am curious to know.

3. This is the most empty hospital ever:

I know its a show, but seriously why isn't anybody seeing this shit??? So nobody saw this guy being chased through the hospital nor the lights flickering like crazy? Right.

4. MRI:

So I actually been through an MRI. Kids, that was the nice version of it. Its not as fun nor as quick in real life. Getting an MRI feels like getting cancer while listening to trash compactors and modems having sex and being in a casket all at the same time. Oh and if you are doing your upper body your head is trapped in a cage similar to what you might see in a SAW movie. I hope that clears it up for you.

5. Black Trenchcoat:

So I can see the hideous transformation, but did the monster doctor had to do an outfit change too? Black trenchcoat? lol. Hilarious. Wait...let me look more evil. I got to change up my coat.

I personally wish this show had been managed better from the start, but this is how the sun is going to set. I can't say I'm going to deeply miss the show, I just wish the story was much stronger than it has been. The cool trinkets that Constantine has always ceases to amaze me.

Hope there isn't a hole in that box.
There could have been a lot of fun with this show, but they chose to design it in a way that never really answers questions. Will we ever get back to that girl they lost in Newcastle? Will we get to have a more strongly past focused episode on John Constantine? Or are we always going to only half understand him and his crew's capabilities? 

The answers...may be in a locked box we will never get to open.

DnD Episode Rating: 8/1O

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