Sunday, February 1, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up: Sleepy Hollow, Gotham and The Flash

Episode 14: Kali Yuga - Because We Ran Out of Christian Myths to Entertain You With


Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.


Brace yourselves for xtreme yodeling!
So far this mid-season beginning has been luke warm all the way through. Not sure why, but the spark of the show is starting to dissipate with the death of Moloch. The show also seems disjointed between episode 13 and 14. Its like as if 14 were meant to go first at times or there are time skips that make the show confusing. There wasn't much of a strong continuation connection besides Irving and even then it was mild and spotty at best. Although I loved the painting murderer in the last episode, I feel like the writing crew is floundering for ideas and are trying new dynamics that don't work out as much as I hoped.

Abby and Ichabod are at odds avoiding "the talk" where their pimp alliance isn't so pimp anymore. All the more for Katrina to have a tragic death so we can move on from the *sigh* Cranes. Katrina and Ichabod are so boring together. Its a wonder that they managed to stay married for so long. No offense, but the actress has very little personality on film and it really bothers me. The chemistry is also not there compared to between Abby and Ichabod. I don't really want a love alliance between the two, but the show is always better with them together and I think that is why the past few episodes have been stale.

I think the best scene this mid-season was Jenny getting the bullets out of the corpse. Some how I KNEW the corpse was going to become alive again considering the set up and the bullets made to stop the demon. However demons really never die necessarily, so yup. It popped back up and she shoved a bullet back in. Good for you Jenny, but that shit was hysterical. I also loved it when Ichabod and Abby sang "Proud Mary" on stage. That was a very sweet moment signaling the team is back!

Seances are so romantic.
Then we got the whole subplot with Captain Irving and the possibility he could be influenced by Jeremy. So far its proven false, but the dude has no reflection. I hope he can go back to the precinct and take his job back. The new boss is pretty strict and rather uptight.

So far all we know is he is back from the dead, he seems to be his normal self and he has no reflection. Holy crap, is he a vampire? That would be rad.

What is Wrong in Sleepy Hollow:

1. Where the hell did they get that car? - 

Ichabod is driving a new car, perhaps a cherry red mustang. Not sure where they got that car because I remember them taking larger cars most of the time.

2. Where is Headless? - 

The Headless Horseman AND the Horsemen of War have been missing from the picture. Perhaps the Horseman of War is dead for now [seems like nobody ever stays dead on this show], but Headless is totally free. So what is he doing in the mean time? Sitting at home, sipping tea, and brushing the fur of his red eye horse?

3.  She Escaped? -

Man, I hate it when people escape. It means we are stuck with her for another episode. Augh.

4. Is Hawley Cursed? - 

So many questions, so little time. Hawley was practically marked by the crazy woman, but now we are stuck wondering if he is cursed or if he will survive and thrive.

Why do the beautiful ones always have to be scary?
5. Not Understanding Crazy Chick's Motivation - 

So she wanted her and Hawley to be family forever, but how did she start with this obsession and was she lieing about the Kali mark being forced upon her? It is confusing whether she was legitimately bat shit crazy [Like Stephen King's Misery] or she was influenced under the mark of the Hindu Goddess Kali.

 6. Knox's Trap is Designed Poorly - 

Its understandable the heroes have to escape the trap, but if you want to trap some one in, they could have pushed ALL of the buttons and managed to get out. What kind of trap is that that gives you another chance to try? Seems like Knox designed it for even his drunk self to get out of.

DnD Episode Rating: 6/1O


Episode 13: Welcome Back, Jim Gordon - To Gotham Politics

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.


I think the Penguin needs to get some life insurance.
With last week's episode where Fish Mooney gets boned by the Penguin, this is the best episode in the midseason so far. Gordon is back on the job, Fish's crew is dead, Elisa was pimped choked by the Don, the Penguin is definitely getting a raise for being a nosy, conniving little shit. I couldn't wait what to know what is happening next! You got to love Cobblepot, he sure knows how to screw everyone out of a day job.

It seems like everything is back to normal with Gordon being his detective self. We find out that Fish is still alive and gets primed for torture for her tom foolery, but some how her body guard, Butch, made it out alive! He found and saved her from getting her kneecaps busted. Damn Butch. No wonder she hired you. That man is the only loyal friend she's got at this point. She must have been giving him sweet money and sweet lovin.

So the Penguin is celebrating his victory while Jim is investigating a narco ring and some murders, and surprise, surprise; we FINALLY get to see young Bruce! Oh, how I miss him so much. Besides Cobblepot, the young Bruce storyline has to be my favorite. I guess his little friend, Selina, hates having "feelings" for anyone, so she shattered his dreams and left like a little snob. Pffft, women. Don't worry Bruce, she will change her mind again tomorrow. However the poor boy was just being nice and he got a swift kick in the gut instead.

Master Bruce, you just aren't man enough to be with me.
I can see a bit of darkness in Bruce's eyes when Selina let him down. Probably doesn't help that his butler basically called him a bitch and to man up. Harsh, man. Harsh. So as usual, Jim wins the day, but at what cost? Dealing with his new mob friend, Cobblepot, like Harvey dealt with Fish, got him what he wanted, but possibly for all the wrong reasons.

What has to be the weirdest side plot of the episode is Nygma's obsession with the only girl with glasses in the office. She's cute and nerdy, well not really nerdy, but it seems he has targeted her with his little love affair. Awww, the weird kid is in love with the girl that wants nothing to do with him. Its SO adorable!

Darkness Only Gotham Knows:

1. Pause -

Is there a point in pausing when you know the guy is RACING TO HIS CAR. Geezus Jim. Talk about shitty reaction time. If you say, "Hey stop!" and the dude runs faster, its time for a good ol sprint, don't you think?

2. Hiding Evidence -

Is it standard for Detectives to just pocket evidence found on murder cases? It seems so in Jim's case. I don't understand why he had to hide evidence at all or just touch it without gloves. Where is their on scene crime examiner? Do we need to bring Barry into this? I think we need to bring Barry into this. You are doing it all wrong, Detective Jimmy.

3. Dead Witness - 

The dead witness thing is cool and I realized that it makes for an interesting plot, but that shit would never fly in the real world. There had to have been more than one person involved for all the feed to get cut and the murder to happen without one possible suspect. I call bull shit.
Fish, you shouldn't have played with your food.

4. Fish is Stupid - 

No wonder the Penguin eventually takes over the city, the arrogance of Fish Mooney really tells us how flawed her character is. She has a chance to leave and she decides she wants to cut Penguin down. And on top of that, when she had him in his clutches, she just screws with him. Woman, you came to kill him. Do it already and stop screwing around.

Personally, if she was smart, she would learn a lot of patience or stopped wasting time. Like I said, her arrogance is going to kill her. Now Cobblepot is playing the long con and she has no idea that is why he continues to have a leg up on her. Shame Fish, nice knowing you.

5. Jada Pinkett Smith has Some Crazy Muscles - 

No matter what angle this woman is at, she's got some crazy muscles going on there. Its strangely off putting in her shots when she flexes. I mean I know she is skinny as hell, but it just looks odd.

6. Where are all of Penguin's guards? - 

Does Cobblepot only have one guard? You never leave your boss alone....ever. Regardless of how safe you feel. He should have quite a few people in the joint that are watching out for anyone that wants to kill him. Like, um, Fish Mooney? Even if it wasn't Fish, everyone probably knows he is a little rat. Why wouldn't they want to eliminate him?

Multi-racial Charlie's angels!

7. Line Up -

Why would the assassin and his sexy band of angels line up in the doorway in a firefight? They are just asking to be mowed down. You don't even need to aim...just fire in that general direction and you can hit any of them. That's a shitty tactic. He should know better.

8. Boob Assassins - 

Do these ladies in the photo look like they are ready to have a fire fight? The guy is ALL dressed to impress, but these silent chicks look like they are about to go to a Lady Gaga concert. Am I missing something here? I don't remember this guy needing back up before. All of a sudden he's got his chick crew running around with guns? They can't shoot worth a damn so he better be having some crazy foursomes or they are just blocking his view at this point. I really hate worthless characters and they are pretty darn worthless to me.

Overall this episode brings back a bit more of the original Gotham I loved. I really hope Master Bruce keeps getting more air time because as much as I enjoy Jim, he's just the typical white washed good guy. I want to see more Master Bruce training to be Batman! Because we are totally wasting time on Jim's rise to Commissioner. That stuff is whatevers for me. Although I am loving Penguin's plot to eventually rule the city. Keep that one too.

DnD Episode Rating: 7/1O


Episode 11: The Sound and the Fury - Oh Snap, Dr. Wells centric episode? Hells yeah.

Warning: Like all of my posts, there are spoilers inside. If you have not watched this episode yet, please avert your eyes until you have.

So this seemed like a pretty simple episode. The plot of the bad guy wasn't as robust. The writers FINALLY gave us the Dr. Wells time we were asking for to get more back story on the sneaky shit. I love how much he is hiding and this episode gave us more of a peek just into him.

We got to know another person from his past, what his house looked like [just letting you know, its totally the shit. A man shouldn't have a home that awesome all by himself, really], we also get to know if he is really crippled or not and some of his capabilities. I couldn't tell you how thrilled I was about this episode. I couldn't stop watching it. This had to be the most exciting one so far. Why? Because I am in love with this character. He is certainly the best character on a show filled with great characters.

He is looking more and more like Hunter Zoloman, but I kind of wonder where his loyalties lie. On one hand he is totally shady as hell with his activities. On the other, he is always trying to prove his worth. What is interesting is the fact that he only revealed what he had to and still chose to conceal other known facts about himself. He told them his deep dark secret...sort of, but he still hasn't mentioned his capabilities. One would say he is totally a bad guy, but his character is really blurring the lines of what a bad guy entails. In fact, I am so sympathetic toward him, it would be difficult to see him die no matter what happens. He is maybe the best bad guy I have seen in a comic related entertainment piece.

I would like to announce, that I am not hiding more shit.
As for the rest of the episode, Joe starts becoming more suspicious of him and is going full investigation mode on his ass while Dr. Well's formal socially-inept prodigal child is trying to outfox his boss by murdering the Flash as a form of revenge. Who knew the odds of him also being effected by the blast? Are you telling me nobody actually died in this event and everyone just went super saiyan? Its hard to tell these days.

Either way, its a huge nerd war up in this episode. NO, I'M THE NERDIEST ONE! But yeah, Barry trusts him with his life and by the end of the episode, it has solidified further. Its nice to see them trust each other and that type of great story telling setup is what is going to make the ending that much more heart-wrenching when Barry has to make a decision to destroy Wells. If he destroys him at all.

*Sniff* I am getting teary-eyed already. I really hope he doesn't have to die...

DnD Episode Rating: 9/1O


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